BFPG Monthly Meetup (Please read description! :))


Introduction to ADTs and Reasoning about the Cardinality of Types - Jack Kelly
Abstract TBD

For part two, I'd like to not have a talk and instead have an open discussion with the whole group about why they are interested in FP, what they have learned recently and what they are stuck on.

We'll kick things off with Matt Peddie and myself briefly talking about how we harness FP at our respective works and the interesting parts that make FP deliver value to their work.

I don't really know how it'll pan out in reality, but my goal for the session is to get a good feel for where everyone is at and what they are interested in and create some networking opportunities for new people and new ideas to connect. I feel personally disconnected from everyone's journey at the moment and feel like I at least need to reconnect with that to be a good organiser. With the common patterns that come up from the discussion, we can then create a queue of BFPG talks to help fill the gaps and satisfy the interests people have. To give y'all some renewed opportunity to participate and shape BFPG to your own needs rather than just listening to whatever talk is on.

So please come loaded with a list of things that you have found cool or particularly puzzling and we'll see what happens. If you want to show off some code on a laptop, just make sure that it can talk HDMI and rock up before 1745 so we can pretest AV. :)

The plan would be to have Jack's talk, pizza break then use the remainder of the time to have this chat.

If you think that this idea sucks or could be tweaked a little let me know in comments or directly to [masked]. It's only worth doing if you feel like it's worth your time.


As a backup I can talk at a very high level about the pieces of a really awesome power to safety weight ratio function that I wrote recently. But if I'm going to do that I need a bit of lead time so please let me know if you want that instead early, lol. :)