The Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Experience – Chapter 3

This is a past event

10 people went

Mowbray Park Ferry Terminal

Thorn St · East Brisbane

How to find us

Keep an eye out for the mysterious figure passing at precisely 7:30pm.

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Ultimate Werewolf Legacy is a social deduction game that tells a story changing the game with every session. It is divided into five chapters, each covering a single year in the life of a 17th century American village with a werewolf problem. Each game, everyone will get secret role cards dividing them into the villagers and the werewolves teams. Each night the werewolves murder someone. Then, during the day the villagers must try to sniff out the secret werewolves in their midst so they can lynch them!

It is a very simple game, and is perfect for everyone, whether new to board games or highly experienced. The game is at its best if you play through all five chapters, but it is possible for players to come and go depending on availability. Sessions have been scheduled for every two weeks, and if you plan to stick with the game to the end I recommend RSVPing to the following sessions as soon as possible.

Due to the storytelling focus of the game, I will be making things a little atmospheric. Please feel free to dress up a bit for the occasion (you will be playing the role of 17th century American pilgrims). There won't be any substantial food on offer so please eat beforehand, but you are encouraged to bring some simple snacks to share.

To add to the mystery of the event, the precise location is a secret. Your Host will meet you at precisely 7:30pm at the entrance to the Mowbray Park City Cat terminal. The game will take place somewhere only a two minute walk from that location.

Numbers are strictly limited. If you say you are attending, it is very important you do so. If your availability changes, please ensure you mark this so that people on the waitlist can attend. There is also a minimum number required to play the game (9), and if we don't reach this number by the morning of the game I will cancel, sending out a notification.