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EMPOWERMENT. If you have heard of NLP
Created as a vehicle to assist people to break away from the trance that many find themselves stuck in. This trance is the trance of DIS-EMPOWERMENT.
Re-patterning sessions focus on creating new neural pathways in the brain, and creating positive changes to how one thinks and feels. This empowers one to achieve extraordinary REAL WORLD results. A Re-patterning session is a shortcut to success. This group will discuss the work of Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Christopher Howard, Amy Cuddy, Joe Dispenza and other leading thinkers. This meet up is also about action and producing 'real world results'.


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Ultimate healer training. Release Physical/Emotional pain for self & others

Pain is not pleasant. What if you knew how to eliminate pain from your own body fast? What if you also could help others to eliminate pain? Pain carries with it a message. Once that message is received, acknowledged and proper attention given, pain is no longer useful. Why then would you keep it?

Most chronic pain has it's roots in repressed emotion. This means that the subject may have had a significant event that happened between 0-7 years of age, and the associated emotions were repressed in the nervous system. Techniques designed to free less than positive emotions from the nervous system have a dramatic impact on health.

Maybe you think that you deserve pain. One man believed that experiencing painful humility was helping him to be a better person, and as a result his life was FULL of PAIN. He was punishing himself by attracting well deserved pain into his life. We have since re-patterned this belief, and after doing so, he was extended forgiveness and mercy from those who had formerly caused him much pain. He described his experience as a miracle.

What about you? Is pain necessary? Do you want to keep the pain?

I have showed 100s of people how to eliminate all the physical pain in their bodies using breathwork and energy manipulation. Most are able to eliminate ALL pain in about 5 minutes. More severe pain may take longer or a combination of different techniques.

Whilst I have been called a miracle worker, and sometimes feel like a faith healer, I've discovered that the power of your mind is such that the possibilities of pain elimination and healing is a reality.

Headaches, back aches, cramps and other pains all disappear. I use these techniques on myself and I have successfully dissipated the pain completely on numerous occasions. I used it a little while ago when I was experiencing pain in my tooth. I learned something very valuable. When your tooth hurts make sure you see a dentist. As it was the hole got so big in my teeth that it was down to the root. I was using my techniques to manage the pain, and I could have done the more intelligent thing by visiting the dentist. By the time I got to the dentist the best option was pulling it out.

So a word of warning. The techniques are so powerful that you can indeed manage the pain in your body, however you should also be aware that your body communicates to you through pain. Therefore listen to your body and do all that is necessary to ensure that the cause of the pain is considered and not just the pain itself.

After attending this webinar you will learn and practice techniques that are more effective and faster than drugs. Pain killing medications will reduce pain, and once they wear off the pain returns. The techniques in this webinar may not only help with pain but may also begin the healing process in that part of the body. Sometimes pain returns and may require a second applications to re-pattern the mind and nervous system.

Joshua Roy explains the purpose of seminars/webinars here

About the training program.
Course Value - $145
Bonus Recording valued at $75 (after attending you will be able to watch and review the information again).
Bonus - Receive a complimentary group coaching session valued at $100
Total VALUE $320
Save 76%

Ultimate NLP Foundation principles Webinar

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It really is up to you to stand guard at the door of your mind. With the advancements in neuroscience it has become evident that when neurons fire together, they wire together.

Change becomes possible when we apply principles found in NLP, Neurological Re-patterning, and Neuro associative conditioning. NLP provides tools to deal with less than positive thoughts and behaviour. Emotional mastery requires education and effort.

Remember that all behaviour is state dependent. (meaning your state of mind and emotion).

A lack of emotional mastery may result from a preoccupation with past experiences, preoccupation with future expectations, focusing incessantly on personal weaknesses, or getting trapped in psychological fantasies. Remember that low EQ (emotional intelligence) is not your fault, however it is your responsibility.

Some individuals become stuck in rigid patterns of behaviour, and these produce less than positive results. Many of these behaviours were formed through parental, environmental and social constructs.

The solution is to become the person you want to be, rather than the one the world tried to program you to be. This is done by choosing to learn and apply mind re-patterning tools into your life.

This NLP foundation webinar looks at 3 major concepts.

1/ You can manage your emotional state. Every emotion has a corresponding physiology and breathing pattern. Take control of your emotional state you take control of your life. Once again "All behaviour is state dependent".

2/ You can create powerful positive anchors in your life that you can use to enhance the quality of your life. Remember that the quality of your life, is a reflection of the quality of your emotions.

3/ Develop a deep internal understanding that it is not the circumstances of your life that determines your happiness and success, rather it is the focus of your life. Decide who you want to be, and create a supportive story and strategy to move you forward in your desired trajectory.


NLP techniques - Circle of power, Anchoring, Pattern interrupts and more.

About the training program.
Course Value - $145
Bonus Recording valued at $75 (after attending you will be able to watch and review the information again).
Bonus - Receive a complimentary group coaching session valued at $100
Total VALUE $320
Save 76%

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FREE - Release physical and Emotional Pain FAST!

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