People, Projects and Pizzas

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People, Projects and Pizzas

This month we will be hosting a panel discussion focussing on architecture, microservices, messaging, DevOps, infrastructure, monitoring, diagnostics, side projects, start-ups, burnout, surviving a career in software development, open source, consulting and people problems!

Come prepared with your questions on the night or post them on the meetup group and/or Twitter! @bnedotnet #PeopleProjectsPizzas

Let's get the questions rolling!

Pizza and drinks will be from 5:30 pm with the panel commencing at 6 pm. Thanks to our sponsors - Readify ( ) for the event space and Seq ( for sponsoring yummy pizzas!

Industry Speakers will include:

Nick Blumhardt - CEO at Datalust

Nick is the co-founder and CEO at Datalust, where JavaScript, Rust, and .NET are glued, nailed, and welded together to make a seamless cross-platform log server called Seq.

In past lives, Nick has stared into the abyss as an enterprise software developer; as a consultant he saved projects that sometimes should have been let go; he worked in Redmond on .NET before it was cool (which was also after it was cool, if your memory runs back far enough); he helped raise a teething Octopus, burned the midnight oil writing the first versions of Autofac and Serilog, and did his best to explain all of the this in a string of talks and panels, some more successful than others.

Damian Maclennan- CTO at WORK180

Damian is an experienced software developer, architect, trainer, and agile engineering consultant.

In his 20 year career, he has built high performance "fire fighting" teams for projects gone wrong, been a CTO for early-stage startups, built and run high profile and high traffic websites, mentored and trained hundreds of developers, and consulted on software architecture for companies of all sizes.

Andrew Harcourt - Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks

Andrew is a consultant, architect and software engineer with extensive experience in large-scale, high-load, geographically-distributed systems. He specialises in strategy, project rescue, governance and development methodologies, and spends far too much time teaching all of the above.

Andrew's main areas of interest are domain-driven design, event-driven architectures and shipping working code.