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Service Fabric - Reliable Actors -- Jaime Febres

Reliable Actors is a Service Fabric application framework based on the Virtual Actor pattern. The Reliable Actors API provides a single-threaded programming model built on the scalability and reliability guarantees provided by Service Fabric.
In this presentation we will take a look at them and find out what they are, the differences with other actor toolkits, when to use them and some practical use cases.

Complex is Easy, it’s Simple which is Hard -- Sarah Taraporewalla

It’s easy to find a complex solution to a complicated problem. But it takes another level of expertise to craft a simple solution. There is a direct relationship of the complexity of a system to its cost of ownership. Complex systems are difficult to understand - they take time for new team members to learn them. Diagnosing critical issues in them at 3am, when you’re half asleep, takes many cups of coffee. However, when we focus on discovering a simple solution, all that changes for the better. Simple solutions require different approaches than the ones we usually use to create complex systems.
In this session, Sarah will describe these approaches, which include Domain Driven Design (DDD) and its adoption of Ubiquitous Language; an understanding of how cognitive biases interfere with complexity, and modelling tools which help simplify and aide in communication. By sharing some examples of complex systems she has seen, you will learn the reasons behind the complexity, and what approach she used to help simplify them.

Pizzas and Drinks will commence at 5:30pm with the talks starting at 6pm.