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The Art of Storytelling in a Pitch

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Storytelling is an art. Pitching is an art.

Combining these two skills makes for a killer pitch that the audience will want to listen to!

You only have 5-7 minutes to pitch your idea to an investor or audience -how can you tap in and hook the audience from 60 seconds in?

Tell a story & get personal. Relate to emotions and make it real - if you can do this in the first minute the following four minutes you will have an engaged audience hanging on every word.

Join us as we work though ways you an weave a good story into your pitch.

In preparation for this meeting you might like to take a look at Valerie Khoos Power Stories ( chapter 6 is specifically about telling your company story at a pitch.
Khoo highlights that you need to address the following;

1. Clearly express how your idea or business solves a big problem
2. Demonstrate that you’re in this for the long haul

If you get the book you get access to templates you can use to help you develop your company story. There are many other books and resources that can help you tell your story – check them out at the local library.

We encourage you to think about this topic before the meet-up and be ready to share the story of your business with the group.

Suggested timing ~ around 3 minutes

If your not ready to 'speak' yet you will not be forced to! This is a totally supportive environment and we want to hear you when your ready!

Please only RSVP if you can genuinely make it. We host these events for free and need as much notice as possible on staffing requirements for the numbers we get.


This meetup group is run and hosted by River City Labs. The meetups are tailored towards providing usable tools and exercises that will help Startups be more 'pitch ready'. We welcome anyone who is genuinely interested in developing an awesome pitch. Be prepared to speak, practice pitching and meet new people. This is not a place for other industries to sell their services to group members.