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Throughout 2011 and 2012 several members of Brisbane Atheists have been active in engaging Operation513 - a young earth Christian fundamentalist street preaching organisation with chapters in the UK, Canberra and Sydney - on a weekly basis for the purpose of promoting positive Atheism in a public forum.

Our goal is to encourage serious discussion and healthy debate both with the preacher themselves as well as with the supporting members of Operation 513 with the intention being to present the general public passing by with an opportunity to also question the theistic beliefs of Operation 513 as well as to question our disbelief in theistic assertions relating to the existance of god / gods shared by members of our group.

We are not there to provoke rude arguments, incite violence or heckle; though voices may be raised and the topics discussed be of a sensitive nature that may be deemed potentially offensive on both sides, we must insist upon interested members of Brisbane Atheists remaining civil, courteous and refrain from using offensive language at all times. We have developed an understanding and mutual respect with most members of Operation513 and we would like this to continue on into 2013.

Please note that this Meetup could be considered a form of 'Atheistic activism' and might not be suitable for everyone; attendance is in no way, shape or form a prerequisite to membership with Brisbane Atheists and is not representative of the ultimate goal of this Meetup Group which serves as an outlet for those of us who identify as Atheist, Agnostic, etc. to meet and interact with others in a variety of fun, sociable and intellectually stimulating ways.

We do however encourage interested members to come and join us for a drink on Saturday nights at 08:00pm and if comfortable to please come along and listen or join in the debates.