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Using Sacred Plant Medicine of Cacao, Cosmic Gongs, PandoraStar and Hands on Healing in a Group Environment with lucid dreaming tools. This is a very powerful event which can take you very deep into yourself. lease watch this introduction video before attending as this will give you more time to enjoy the event without any introduction of how the event works:

Experience a totally unique light and sound journey through different soundscapes and dive deep into states of consciousness. Experience the heart warming feeling of euphoria with cacao and vibraitonal healing energies of gongs and Reiki - Journey into a safe and secure group environment with other like minded people.

- Lay down under a meditation light machine for a unique visual journey through visions and brainwave entrainment

- Enjoy a powerful and relaxing gong bath for a healthy mind and body and to shift toxins and emotions

- Receive Reiki through the healing power of touch

- Meet like minded people or that someone special. Message me now to book for this event

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Natural Building workshop - Cob House, Earth Ship Eco Community

Summer is on the way, and what a great way to celebrate than to be building out with the earth, in natural homes and much more. Natural Building Intensive Workshop (date to be actioned) There is no date yet, or destination, but RSVP to this event to keep up to date or join our fb group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1433216790320287 Natural Building & Earth homes and Cob houses 5 day or weekend Intensive Thinking about building your own Natural House? This is the in-depth workshop for you. Learn about permaculture design and build Natural Homes Get all the experience you need. Join us in building an earth house, round house and timber frame with light-clay-straw, adobe and cob. Natural Builders Ladrhyn Bexx and team will lead this weekend and week day intensive. Want to know about free energy, natural building, natural energy... Fed up of your boxed flat, or cold brick house.... come join us and start a community and group. Interested in meeting like minded people join us on the fb group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1433216790320287

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Lucid Dreaming Sleep Over & Group Gong Bath Exprience

Parsonage Side Retreat, Otterhampton,

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