Monday Salsa Fix: Weekly salsa classes


Welcome to the Monday salsa fix: A fun-filled and positive way to kick start your week!

We run 4 salsa classes aimed at everyone from absolute beginners to experienced dancers (dancing 5+ years). Our classes are each an hour long combining a range of techniques and movements that will teach you the technique to walk on to any dance floor with confidence and style.

Both Eddie and Charlie teach with a relaxed and uplifting style, they want to have fun and give as much feedback as possible to help you on your journey.

19:30 - 20:30 Lessons: Level 1 and 2:
20:30 - 21:00 FREE Social Period:
21:00 - 22:00 Level 1.5 and 3+:

These descriptions are an approximation and individuals will progress at different rates (men will generally progress slower than women due to multitasking).
Level 3 is aimed at dancers dancing for 18 + Months
Level 2 is aimed at people dancing for 4 – 24 Months
Level 1.5 is aimed at people dancing for 6 weeks to 6 Months
Level 1 is aimed at people dancing from complete beginners to 8 weeks

£6 for 1 class (£5 NUS) £9 for 2 classes (£7 NUS)
Free on MoveGB

Your Teachers:
Eddie Hunt:
Your Level 2 and 3+ instructor.
Eddie needs no real introduction as he is a well established and sought after instructor nationwide with Abanico Salsa. I love Eddie's style and teaching methods and I know that the students at this level will truly benefit from his experience. His smooth movements and ability to show how easy it is to execute.

Charlie Webb:
Your Level 1 and 1.5 instructor.
Although still relatively new to teaching Charlie has great dancing ability, understanding of timing and structure which is fundamental at Levels 1 and 1.5. He is known for running a nurturing, encouraging, uplifting class that still has a focus on good technique and smooth routines.

Eddie and Charlie look forward to seeing you and developing Monday night classes further.