What we're about

This is a walking group aiming to do a wide range of walks in and around Bristol and excursions further afield to places such as Devon, Dorset, South Wales and the Cotswolds, allowing exploration of the towns, cities and countryside of this fantastic region. There would also be an opportunity to participate in events such as the Bristol Harbour Festival and the Balloon Fiesta as well as picnics during the summer months.

Most of our walks/excursions start at the Bus Station or Temple Meads and we aim to get the best deals through group save tickets whether travelling by bus or train. For those who would like to join us by car, advice will be given about where would be best to join the group, giving you as many travel options as possible.

All our walks are well researched, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the scenery in the company of like-minded individuals and of course at the same time keeping fit. At some point during each walk there will be a pub stop with the idea being to create a strong social ethos.

The organiser has a good knowledge of the region as he has spent much of his life there and has participated in many walks.

The walks are very varied ranging from just a few km covering specific towns or cities to longer urban or country walks of up to 16 km and last from just a couple of hours to longer day trips, mainly at the weekend but with occasional evening walks on weekdays during the summer. There should be ample opportunitiesfor budding photographers and people are encouraged to share their photographs through the meetup site.

Note that participation in any of the walks or excursions is at your own risk. Whilst the event organiser endeavours to describe all events as fully and accurately as possible so that you can decide if these are suitable for you, and takes all reasonable precautions to ensure everybody's safety before and during the event, you must remember that we are just a group of friends enjoying each other's company. You are responsible for your own safety and nobody in the group can be held responsible for any loss or injury you incur.

We aim to be a friendly and inclusive group and expect all members to share the same values of kindness and respect for each other. Most importantly to have lots of good times together!

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