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Walking in nature and talking with someone is a favourite way to de-stress. If you’ve ever been on a stroll and helped someone get closer to a goal or solve a problem, or if you’ve received that help yourself, you’ll know how valuable it is. But how do you develop these skills used by mentors and coaches to help you help more of your fellow humans? The purpose of this group is to provide some simple guidance for fostering more of these helpful conversations while enjoying a lovely walk.

How it'll work: Once or twice a month we’ll lead a walk somewhere in our beautiful countryside, between 4 and 12 miles in length (all details will be provided). Near the start you’ll be given some simple guidance in life enhancing techniques such as basic coaching skills. For a portion of the walk you’ll be invited to try them out with another willing walker. We’ll stop somewhere to have a cup of tea/lunch, enjoy the view. You’ll go home re-invigorated having helped someone, or having received some help, or both. Or neither. Because if you just want to walk and not interact, no one, least of all your walk leader is going to force you to do otherwise.

Why create this group? Walking in nature increases well being and is a great way to meet people. Coaching skills facilitate people to solve problems and achieve goals and are easy to learn and practice. As a professional coach I’ve long wanted to create a group that combines these two passions so others can share the benefits.

The group is free to join, not-for-profit, and as its founder I’ll do my best to make it work. In return I’d ask all its members to:

• Accept full responsibility for yourself during walks which includes coming prepared and kitted out for the conditions. If the description is 8 mile '2 boot' walk in the Black Mountains make sure that's within your ability.

• Be respectful, courteous and sensitive to other members especially when trying out any coaching skills (if you’re not already practised in them)

• Cancel your RSVP so someone can take your place if you find you can no longer come on a walk

• Be prepared to volunteer a small contribution towards the group’s running costs during a walk. Any surplus will be given to the mental health charity Mind.

• Please only join the group if you intend to use it.


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