What we're about

This group is for people who have a side project on the go, that new business idea, career transition or personal project. It is for people who may find it difficult to keep motivated and others who’d just like to be in the company of like-minded individuals dealing with similar challenges.

This is for those who may be building a business for additional income, a business you’d like to transition to full time one day, or simply a passion project you’re inspired to work on. You'll be joining a community of people who want to get things done so you can continually make steps forward in your project.

What the group will aim to do:

Socials - Spend time with like-minded people where you can share your journey, discuss challenges you’ve had along the way and share the lessons you’ve learnt.

Work sessions - we’ll meet up for evening and weekend work sessions outside of normal working hours so you can get through your to-do list and tick off those annoying tasks you’ve been putting off on your project in the company of others doing the same!

Hopefully, through attending the sessions, networking will be organic and as you get to know others in the group you’ll be able to swap skills and build relationships.

Background about why I set this group up:

I have a side project on the go most of the time, one of which I have transitioned to full time in the last 6 years, but it still proves to be difficult to find the motivation to keep going on the latest ones, particularly when you may be working by yourself on a project. It’s frequently a struggle to keep the productivity going after work hours especially when friends around you are winding down. However, when I have found others to work with who are in a similar position it has provided me with the motivation (and kick up the backside!) I need to keep going so the more I can share this experience the better.

Join the group if you're interested or contact me if you'd like to know more.

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