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Hi, Welcome to Southwest Singles To mingle!
We are a singles group that encourage singles to meet and socialise while in a safe environment. It's not just about coming along to an event and hoping to meet the love of your life, of course this can happen! We don't want you just to chat to someone that ticks your boxes This could mean that you miss out on making good friends, because of only mingling with a few people. We don't want you leaving and possibly feeling disappointed when in fact you should be leaving and feeling like you've had a good time making acquaintances, meeting friends or possibly finding a partner. The best way of finding a partner is by being friends first and then these things can develop! You might meet someone and think, there's no spark, then the next time you meet you could discover something you missed before, a certain quality that you admire!

We will mainly be meeting in pubs and clubs around Bristol, but will also be doing some other social events such as BBQs, bowling, walking, beach party, maybe even meeting for a game of rounders, there's so many options!
We will be hosting at least one event per week, probably more.

There will be a nominal fee of £2.00, per event, which is payable at time of event, with a yearly subscription, of just £5.00 or you can pay £3.00 per event with no subscription, which is also payable at time of event. It's obviously much more cost effective to pay the subscription and £2.00 per event.
I'm sure you'll agree that the fees are very reasonable when considering many singles groups with a similar structure charge much more.

Subscription payments will be made using a secure payment method such as PayPal.

We may possibly need to limit the amount of members so please join, if this group is right for you, as soon as possible to avoid disappointment

We look forward to meeting all of you! 😊

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