Function Composition with Mark & Debugging CSS Grid with Michelle


Function Composition

Composing small bits of easy-to-understand code is one of the most important skills you can develop as a programmer. This talk will cover the more general concept of composition in programming and then focus on function composition in the more technical sense.

About Mark

Mark is the Curriculum Director and an instructor on the DevelopMe_ web development bootcamp. In his spare time he writes Haskell apps and is the creator of taskell - a sort of Trello for the command-line.

Debugging CSS Grid by Michelle Barker

CSS Grid gives us incredible powers for building web layouts. But with so many different ways to create a grid and place items, it’s not always easy to debug when layouts don’t behave as we expect them to. In this talk we’ll tackle some common difficulties, check out some tools for debugging and put the CSS Grid specification under the microscope.

About Michelle

Michelle is a front end developer, Mozilla Tech speaker and author of web development blog CSS { In Real Life }.