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A social club to talk about fiction, non-fiction, screen plays, novels, histories, poetry, web articles...anything. Do you like to share your thoughts on what you've recently read with other people? Do you like to listen to others recommendations about what they liked and didn't like to get ideas for what to add to your reading list? Do you have a spouse or friend who likes to read too, but, you always seem to choose different genres? Want to meet new friends?
This group will be a great way to read what interests each of you and then come together, over food and drinks, to share with others. Just for fun and inspiration, there will be a theme for each month, such as "Getting Underway - All At Sea", "When Your Number Is Up", and "Weather Permitting", to name a few.

Upcoming events (2)

Color My World - October Reading Theme (for November Meetup)

Autumn brings changes to the colors in our surroundings. Let's read things that have the name of a color/s in the title or subject. Fiction, non-fiction, screen plays, magazine or web articles, poetry... What are you going to read? Some examples: Raven Black by Anne Cleeves The Green Mile by Stephen King A Perfect Red by Amy Butler Greenfield

Weather Permitting (Nov theme for Dec meetup)

Grotto Pizza

Wind, rain, sun, snow, fog, heat waves, lightning... Choose something to read and share that has a title or subject pertaining to weather or season. Examples: The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, The Weather Machine: A Journey Inside the Forecast by Andrew Blum

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