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Were you once the fastest runner, strongest hiker, or most fit backpacker in the group? Have you suffered an injury (or two or three) that has pushed you into PT and provided a sufficiently large set-back to throw you (at times kicking and screaming) into the "lower" activity category? Do you have a certification (e.g., WFR, WFA, swiftwater or river rescue)? How about multiple certifications? Yup, us too. Welcome to the club.

This is a group for anyone who now considers themselves a broken athlete. If you're in your mid-thirties, great. It was bound to happen at some point, right? Years of abuse and wear / tear finally have taken their toll. If you're in your twenties, bravo. You obviously went harder than the rest of us but the end result is the same (oh joy).

We were recently hiking (well, let's call it strolling and looking at fall foliage) in the Eastern Sierras and were commiserating that really, all of the "-itises" SUCK (tendonitis, bursitis, whatever-else-itis). How, in this day and age, can you find other broken athletes, the like-minded folks who are also no longer the strongest or fastest but still love to explore a drainage, get lost in the desert, or simply go for a walk-about and have a great conversation. Reach out to us, let's band together as the island of misfit toys that we truly are and go on an adventure!

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