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The VA Ren faire is much smaller and more historically accurate than its larger MD cousin. It is also on land owned by a Winery, adding a bit more local flair.

Riftwing needed to schedule an earlier meet due to family commitments, but we'll have 2 meets in total to help accommodate everyone. This weekend is Opening weekend, which means first dibs on SWAG!

Cosplay is fine, but the re-enactors will be a bit "confused" to see people dressed as horses. Riftwing knows one of the actors, and she is excited to see and interact with the herd! She is Fox of Fox and Glove, who are sibling swordfighters compared to the likes of Pinky and the Brain. You'll see a lot of sibling rivalry, as well as a pretty vicious fight. Like kids do. But with sharp things. Imagine two five-year-olds with swords, and complete disregard for safety!

Admission is $9 with children 5 and under free.

Please note: They do not have an ATM on site and several of the vendors, notably food and drink, do not take credit cards.

We can make a spreadsheet for carpooling if enough are interested.