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For those of you who like backpacking and trekking through the wilderness with only what you can carry on your back, then feel free to join me!

*This is a real wilderness folks. No roads, no bathrooms, and no official campsites. We are literally miles away from anything man made.

Here are the details I promised…


Friday, May 16th:

1100am -Meet at Mc Donald's (751 North Main Street, Moorefield, West Virginia 26836)

11:45 -Leave for Dolly Sods

1245 -Arrive at Dolly Sods

1300 -Head to first campsite from Fisher Spring trail head

1600 -Arrive at first campsite Lion’s Head

(about 5 miles total hiking)

Saturday May 17th:

0900 -Start hiking to second campsite (north)

1200 -Stop for Lunch (at scenic view)

1400 -Arrive at second campsite

(about 6 miles total hiking)

Sunday May 18th:

0800 -Head to Bear Rocks trail head

1100 -Arrive at Bear Rocks Trailhead

1130 -Leave Dolly Sods, head to Moorefield

1230 -Arrive at Moorefield for Lunch

(about 4 miles total hiking)

*My home is available to anyone Thursday night and Sunday night as a mid-way point. We will leave my house Friday morning about 8:00am to be in Moorefield by 11.

Gear you will need:

• Backpack

• Hiking boots

• Tent

• Sleeping Bag

• Flashlight

• Fork/Knife/Spoon (light weight, plastic or metal, swiss-army)

• Bowl (or plate)

• Garbage Bag (to keep items dry,and for packing out trash)

• Toilet Paper (small roll or camping pack)

• Baby Wipes (in a zip-lock bag)

• Light Towel (not too big or heavy)

• Deodorant (please, for us all)

• Sunscreen (small)

• Bug Spray (small)

• Small First Aid Kit

• 1 Change of clothes

• 3 Pairs of socks

• Poncho (or rain pants/jacket)

• Light Jacket (or your Rain Jacket)

• Hat (for sun and bugs, also may want a beanie hat for warmth at night)

Optional gear you might want:

• Sleeping mat

• Pillow

• Camel pack

• Small backpacking seat

• Pocket knife

• Water shoes (sandals, crocks, or etc…)

• Watch (better than a phone)

• Sunglasses

• Camera

Neutral gear we all use but don’t all carry

• Fire Starting Kit

• Cooking Ware / Stove

• Tarp

• Water Pump

• Packable Water Container (several gallons)

*I have these items, but we need more. If you have them please let the group know.

Notes on Gear:

All gear listed above should be small, backpacking, lightweight, and/or travel size. You do not want anything big and bulky on the trail with you.

First aid kit should be very basic. Maybe 3 or 4 bandaids, 3 or 4 alcohol wipes, and some medicine (Advil, Benadryl, etc…).

Put everything in ziplock bags or small trash bags to keep them dry if your bag gets wet or if it rains (this is Dolly Sods it will rain and be wet)


• 2 dinners

• 1 lunch

• 2 breakfasts

For this trip it might be easier to have everyone bring their own food (fend for yourselves). However, I'm open to sharing group meals. If you are up for group meals let us know so we can start working out details. Otherwise, I'll assume everyone is on their own for food.

Snack foods you may want to bring: Drink mix, Trail mix, Beef Jerky, Hard candy

I usually bring hotdogs the first night (cooked on a stick over the fire). Instant Oatmeal for breakfast. Lunch is anything I don’t have to cook or prep (peanut butter, crackers, cheese, sausage, apple sauce, tuna, etc….) Second dinner is instant soup ad left overs. The less cleaning and cooking the better.

Helpful Hints:

• Bring a set of fresh clean clothes to leave in the car to change into when you get back to the car on Sunday. Even just a fresh shirt can make a big difference for the drive home.

• A small bag or stuff sack works great as a pillow when filled with your extra clothes.

• Use your sandals, crocks or water shoes while in camp. This gives your feet and boots time to air out.

• If you have a small camera and/or iPod or mp3 player bring that instead of your phone. There is little to no signal up there.

• Bowls work better than plates. So if deciding between a bowl or a plate bring the bowl.

• Quick drying clothes work well (gym shirts, under armor, etc…)

• Baby wipes and hand sanitizer are a good quick easy way to clean yourself up without needing to bring soap.

• Take a mostly used roll of toilette paper from your home before it runs out (make sure you have enough for three days).

• Use the 2-4 week bug spray on your equipment and clothes to help keep bugs away.

• Replace your flashlight batteries so you don't have to carry extras with you.

• Extra pockets on clothing is very helpful

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