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DC Bronies at Cloudsdale Congress

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Organize your travel, hotels and photo-shoots for Cloudsdale Congress here! Remember, this meetup isn't an official registration, registering for the convention to get your badge has to be done over here: .

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Cloudsdale Congress's primary mission is to organize an outstanding convention for the community, bring together the Eastern US Bronies in order to promote exceptional community members, and encourage a sense of unity among individual Brony community groups.

We have worked very hard to put together a convention experience like no other. We have special guest appearances by Michelle Creber ( and Lee Tockar ( Come get autographs, ask a few questions, and get a chance to connect with them if you meet in the convention hall.

We also have some amazing panels scheduled. Saturday will include our VA panel, Fanbuilt panel run by Lee Tockar, Fallout Equestria Radioplay, a screening of the first half of Double Rainboom, the Musician Q&A Panel, Brony Health group, Equestrian Self Defense, a dance panel, and closing out the day with a kick-flank concert. Saturday will also host a lounge where you can unwind with acoustic performances by many of our talented musicians, as well as pony karaoke for those brave enough. Sunday will include a concert by Michelle Creber, as well as our cosplay workshop, a charity auction, and a few others throughout to ensure there's not a slow second.

Community musicians will include AdditiveSubtractive, Coconeru, Cyril the wolf, dbPony, Dj Macgramaman, Echelon, EHT, EletricKasplosion, F3nning, ForestRain, HollowPoint, IbeaBronyRapper, JoaftheLoaf, M_Pallante, MRPPony, Poni1Kenobi, SGT Whip, SIlva Hound, Smor3s, Starborne, and DJ Tetsuo

Our artists hall will feature the works of: Alyssa M. Torres Art, Coventry Decor, Red Star East, Fanatical Factory, Corsair’s Boutique, Britzy Doodle, BLUE/a/bad’s Ponies and Swag, Squidbombed, Darkkon13, Epik Rainbows, Kate’s Pony Art, J&K Crafting, Ninja Pinkie, Hey Look! A SIGN!!!, Enigmatic Inkworks, Starlight Twinkle’s Stitch n’ sketch, Samszym Art, Vina’s Geek Corner, and Cat and Tonic Industries. Plushies go quick, so get in early. We will also have a table for Michelle Creber, who will be selling CDs as well as a shared table for our musicians who will be selling their own CDs.

Tickets are currently selling for $45 but will be $50 at the door so register today ( to save yourself some money!

We hope to see you there!
--Cloudsdale Congress Staff

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