• High Quality Films 4 High Quality People - GOOD TIME in QUEENS!

    "ARE YOU READY FOR A GOOD TIME?" Welcome to another very special edition of High Quality Films 4 High Quality People, where everyone's least-favorite Film Pone, Thoth Penswell, will be taking you outside of the known confines of our little church and into the concrete jungle of the city around us...The catch is, this time, we'll be watching the film with the city LITERALLY all around us! Starting this month, well-known (And NYC-based!) independent film distributor A24 will be hosting events called "A24 Public Access", outdoor screenings where they'll be quite literally screening some of the best of their independent film catalog in the locations that inspired them! On August 10th in particular, however, their public screenings will run through Queens, where they'll be screening a previous HQF4HQP favorite, "GOOD TIME" (Directed by NYC natives Josh Safdie & Benny Safdie!), on a billboard marquee in true, industrial, New York City fashion above Dutch Kills Green! Being one of my absolute favorite films to come out in the last decade, I couldn't possibly pass-up the opportunity to see a film like it in the very borough that inspired the film and made it feel so 'alive' in the first place! And, because it's taking place right here in our city, I couldn't think of a greater idea than to invite all you film fans in Bronies-NYC to join myself and others for a public screening of a fantastic film being hosted by the very people who produced it! The specifications of the event itself beyond being a free (!) screening of the film have not yet been released yet, but it's still certainly an immersive film event that I have no intention to miss! If you feel similar and have a Saturday evening out in the city to kill, we would love to see you there! Check out A24's official tweet on the events for additional information! https://twitter.com/A24/status/1148942166607179776 Hope to see ya there!~

  • Summer Pool Meetup (July) (ON Sunday)

    Rye's House (William)

    It's that time again! The Bronies Summer pool meetup is now starting up! NOTE: Dates subject to change based on the weather and possible job conflicts. We have a large 16 by 33 foot pool, come join in on the fun with the rest of us, complete with large pool floats like our famous pool dragon and other surprises await! (pictured below) This is a POT LUCK meetup, so a suggestion on food to bring... Hamburgers Hotdogs RIBS Steak Sausage Kielbasa Shimp Hot chicken wings and nuggets. DIRECTIONS! My house is in NJ, but it is super easy to get to from NYC. Just go to NYC penn station on 34st and 7th ave. From there, take "NJ transit" to "Elizabeth". (It will cost you $13.50 round trip.) my house is only 1.3 miles from the train station. Note: Get off at "Elizabeth" NOT "North Elizabeth.". NOTE: You are responsible for looking up the "NJ Transit" train times, Uber or Taxi service to get there on your own from the train station.

  • July 4th Central Park Picnic 2019

    Central Park Columbus Circle Entrance

    Come join us on the 4th of July, for a Picnic! (Rain date July 5th) We will all gather in Central park for a group picnic, for all to enjoy. This is a potluck, so please bring whatever food or drinks that you can, let us know in the comments section as to what you are bringing. All are welcome so feel free to bring guests. DIRECTIONS Take the subway to 59th st Columbus Circle. [A,C,D,1] Meet at the statue just outside the circle starting at 2 PM. When we get a big enough group, we will move to the picnic location. This is in the park, behind Heckscher Ballfields, next to a small cafe named Ballfields Cafe. What to Bring Please list in the comments on what you are bringing. Generally a picnic blanket or a cheap table cloth. Also a good idea to bring a cooler to store perishables or supply ice. It is not required to bring a cooler or a picnic blanket, but it does help. What to Do There is a carousel nearby if anybody is interested in going on that. There is also a ball field if you would like to bring anything for activities like Frisbee or other games.

  • Saturday Get Together - JUNE 'N BLOOM Edition!

    Upper West Side Party Space


    Spring? We skipped Spring! It's SUMMERTIME now, baby! The Saturday Hang-Outs are back, and just in-time for summer, which is already here faster than you could say 'Spring'! With the weather outside heating-up and the dog days coming, it's the perfect time to stay...INDOORS! With ponies, games, movies and more! This weekend's slate of events include: ****Episode Screenings**** --- Season 9 chugs on! We'll be premiering the all new episode "Student Counsel" (Hopefully NOT in potato quality this time!), along with screening some previous episodes we may have missed! This is your chance to catch-up on those Pony cravings! ****Art**** --- Our painting and drawing table will be open as always! ****Games**** --- Our board game table will be back, along with games on our projector as always! Feel free to bring your own board games as well! ***High Quality Films for High Quality People*** --- Kicking-off our summer of High Quality Films, fittingly enough, is the animated Western "RANGO" (2011), an absolute oddity of an animated film from the director of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy! Part-motion capture, part-animation by the visual effects company that brought you the original Star Wars trilogy, join us for a classic cowboy tale of a chameleon and a ghost town, and learn why you shouldn't tango with the Rango~ If you have any questions or ideas for activities please write it down in the comments below!

  • Kite Flying In Liberty State Park

    Columbus Monument Picnic Area #6

    The sun is bright the weather is great and it's time to go outside and play! I'd like to introduce to you guys kite flying in Liberty State Park. It is a big park with plenty of wide-open space to fly kites and play various games. I'll be bringing 5 kites as well as soccer, baseballs and Frisbeis to use FOOD: This is a mini potluck event! There will be wraps, chips and soda but I highly encourage you to bring anything you'd like and feel free to share and post in the comments what you are planning to bring DIRECTIONS: We will be between the Liberty State Park playground and the Columbus Monument by one of the benches. There is a parking lot right there if you are driving. There is a ferry that goes straight to the park at Liberty Landing Marina, check the times and locations near you here: http://www.libertylandingferry.com/weekend-schedule.aspx (Round trip is $14) There will be a light rail by your right and take that to Jersey Avenue light rail station. This way is a bit of a walk. (Round trip is around $10-$15) If you get lost or need anything call me at[masked] Hope to see you all there!

  • Saturday Get Together - Spring Has Sprung Edition!

    Upper West Side Party Space


    Spring has FINALLY sprung and Pony is BACK, which can only mean one thing; more Saturday Get Together's than you possibly know what to do with, and more fun with friends than you can handle! This weekend's slate of events include: ****Episode Screenings**** --- Season 9 is in full-swing, which means we've got all the Pony you could possible want! We'll be screening the all-new episode of Friendship is Magic, "Frenemies"! We'll also be screening an encore of last week's episode, along with other classic episodes! ****Art**** --- Our painting and drawing table will be open as always! ****Games**** --- Our board game table will be back, along with games on our projector as always! Feel free to bring your own board games as well! ***High Quality Films for High Quality People*** --- This week for HQF4HQP, our screen will be graced with the film "RAIN MAN" (1988), a fantastic 'road-trip film' starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise at the peak of their acting powers. It's powerful, it's emotional, it's schmaltzy, it's 80s...but most importantly, it's HIGH QUALITY! You won't want to miss it! If you have any questions or ideas for activities please write it down in the comments below!

  • Art Guild Returns: Shadowbox Edition


    BroniesNYC Art Guild: Shadowbox Edition! Art Guild returns with a meetup dedicated to an art style called the Shadowbox. A shadowbox is papercraft art, done in a deep frame to create a three-dimensional layering and shadowed effect with depth. No experience or talent is necessary! These are actually pretty easy to make and look great, I can walk everyone through how to make your own. PREPARATION Find and choose or draw a picture that you'd like to make into your shadowbox. KEEP IT SIMPLE for your first time, I suggest one pony in a simple profile pose. Have your picture on hand for reference (on a phone is OK.) WHAT TO BRING You don't need to bring anything else besides having your picture ready. I have all the tools necessary, although extra scissors and craft knives would be welcome. PART 1 - SHOPPING We will meet at the Michaels craft store at 22nd and 6th in Manhattan, starting at 12 PM, to shop for your materials. Get a frame, and also any kind of fancy glitter or foil or shiny paper you'd like to use as well. I have a supply of basic colors of construction paper, although it's a good idea to shop for colors that will match your pony more closely. Keep an eye on everything in the picture: besides the body, you'll need colors for hair, cutie mark, eyes, any clothing or accessories or magical effects. If you want to get your own materials beforehand, you can skip this part and come directly to the main meetup. For those shopping, we will leave Michaels by shortly after 1 pm. PART 2 - CRAFTING Location: 76 Morris St Jersey City NJ 07302 The main meetup will occur at my (VikingErik) place in Jersey City NJ starting at 2 pm. It's a short Path subway trip from the Michaels store. I'll demonstrate and walk through the steps involved in making the shadowbox. Here's the easy way to make the pieces. I'll print out copies of your picture. Cut out pieces (body, legs, wings, etc) from that. Use those pieces to trace the shape onto your shadowbox paper. Then cut those out. I'll demonstrate the tricky parts of making the face and eyes, and how to mount the pieces in layers to create the 3d shadowbox effect. Seeing the pieces come together is a lot of fun! COST There is no cost for the meetup itself, only your own materials and transportation. Shadowbox frames are usually on sale for roughly $15, plus any fancy paper you want. The Path subway uses a pay-per-ride Metrocard. TIME Expect that it will take quite a while, likely 4 to 6 hours, to go through all the steps and pieces and everything. This will be an all-day meetup. There is no specified end time, we're done when we're done. For food, I recommend picking up lunch just before coming to my place, or you can go out for food anytime as well. OTHER ART If you don't want to do a shadowbox, and want to bring and work on some other art project of your own instead, that's OK too. I just ask that everyone expects to be doing something related to art; this isn't a hangout for video games or anything else.

  • Straight from the Basement - Return to Return to Nuke Em High Vol.2

    "WHAT'S GOING ON? AT NUKE' EM HIGH! WHAT'S GOING ON? AT NUKE' EM HIGH" Welcome to Straight from the Basement, a new segment started by yours truly, where instead of the usual stuff played at the church, we go to the back rooms of the average video store to the secret collection your parents keep you away from for good reasons to watch the most weirdest and underrated movies I could find. However instead of a High Quality dance party we're going back to school. From the mind of Director Lloyd Kaufman (founder of TROMA and the man that gave you "The Toxic Avenger" & "Poultrygeist: Night of The Chicken Dead") comes a prequel to the 1986 cult classic "Class of Nuke' em High". Beings you Return To Return to Nuke' em High Vol.2 Synopsis: Sequel to "Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1". Where the CEO of an organic food company pushed their food in every school in New Jersey including Tromaville High School which leads to the students body turning into undergo mutations. It's up to Lauren and Chrissy to find out who's behind all this and save Tromaville High. Date & Location: Saturday night at 7:00 pm at the Film Noir Cinema In 122 Meserole Ave in Brooklyn NY. I highly encourage everyone to come because not only will the movie be playing but director Lloyd Kaufman will be there for a Q&A after the film. Tickets are currently $15, I'll put a link so you can know where to buy them. Sause: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/return-to-return-to-nukeem-high-tickets-58462208038 Content Warning: This movie is gonna be hard to swallow, but I assure you the after taste is worth it. There's no way to describe this other then "It's a Troma film". Don't understand? Well when you come see this film with us, you'll see what I mean.

  • Saturday Get Together - 200TH EPISODE SPECTACULAR!

    Upper West Side Party Space


    All of Pony history has led to this...the 200TH EPISODE of Friendship is Magic, and we'll be here for it all as always to celebrate it! This weekend's lovely slate of events include: ****Episode Screenings**** --- The main event! We'll be screening an encore of last weekend's episode, before we screen the BIG one; EPISODE 200! We'll be screening this historic milestone along with a bevy of other Pony episodes! It'll be a moment in pop culture history, along with a Pony History Lesson to go along with it! You DON'T wanna miss it! ****Art**** --- Our painting and drawing table will be open as always! ****Games**** --- Our board game table will be back, along with games on our projector as always! Our Pi will also be returning, which means more classic console game emulating! ***High Quality Films for High Quality People*** --- This week for High Quality Films, we have a double-feature of two coming-of-age films about childhood, but in two entirely different generations. Join us for a back-to-back screening of "EIGHTH GRADE" (2018) and "MID90'S" (2018), two films separated by two decades with two distinct styles, but both about the struggles of growing up and the wonders of life ahead of us. It's sure to be an incredible time with two of the absolute best films to come out in the last year, and you do not wanna miss either of them! If you have any questions or ideas for activities please write it down in the comments below!