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So basically, we will get together, watch the episode then... I don't know just chill, maybe play some Fighting is Magic, listen to some pony music, watch some other pony episode, or what ever we feel like.

My mom wants us out of the house by 1 pm, however we can chill in the garage and have Fighting is Magic tournament, or head on over to the Toy's-R-Us and ponyraid then have a tournament out there, or whatever we will figure it out.

I have two living room's (my mom's (with the big hd tv) and mine (with no tv)) so if it gets to hot in one we can move to the larger one and set up there and open the windows.

I only ask that if you can bring some drinks, or snacks, or what ever. Anyone with alcohol will be remove from the house, so just no.

I know Jonathan said he will bring his TV so we can have the Fighting is Magic up one one and I can use my TV to have basically whatever. We can look at some pony tumblers, or YouTubes, or just whatever y'all want.

I will have every episode of MLP:FiM to date (25.7 GBs (not including the finale (at least not until someone uploads a 1080p version))) available for download or streaming, as well as my other 800 GBs of shows & movies, my Anime Collection (900 GBs), and the MLP:FiM Music Archive (33.82 GBs of Pony Music).

Of course open WiFi (PonyVille).

Y'all may bring any game systems if you want, or whatever.

You may arrive before 8:30 am, however you will not be allowed in till 8:30 am. Because Mom rules all.