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Hey Everypony! Long time no see. So heres what is going down. I am coming to town on December 22nd and will be leaving January 02nd to continue my Army training. Since it has been so long and the fact that I might not see alot of you again for a while, I decided why not throw a PARTY! The Party will be for the New Years(Hoping we all survive the Zombie Appocalypse) and will be at my house. Now as many of you know who have been here a while my last party was pretty rad and I know alot of people had a blast. But if you are newer to the Bronies of Phoenix, here is a litle Description of the house, along with pictures.

I have a large 2 story house. The bottom of the house is outfitted with multiple rooms meant for guests. The first room you will notice when entering the house is the Living room. This room is outfitted with a 32 inch flat screen outfitted with a DVR, and the ability to connect other systems to it. This may also be the room where we can set up the arts and crafts (Though I might put that in the garage.) There is also a large pool table in here, 4 person max couch, and a 4 person max table plus possibly the food/drink table. Next room you will notice is the family room which includes a 72 inch Flat Screen T.V. with 5.1 surrounds sound. This system is also already outfitted with the Wii, Blu-ray player, and DVR, but you can set up anything else on it. This room has very comfortable couches that surround it and we can possibly fit 80 people in it to watch the MLP, the newyears countdown, or whatever we decide to watch! To your left is the Kitchen. Nothing special, but a sink, table, island, fridge, stove, microwave, and just the usual. To your right is a hallway where you can see stairs to the 2nd level and three rooms in front of you. The pantry which can be used to hold unused Drinks, and is also outfitted with a Beer Keg Fridge with a dispenser to dispense very cold beer into your cups. Now I don’t know what people’s feelings are on drinking (beer isn’t that bad) but I already talked to my parents and they told me everything is cool with them! Beer will be free and open to anyone with a one exception. If you decide to drink you MUST have a designated driver or stay the night! That is all. Besides that rule anyone can help themselves, my treat! Next if you look further down you will see the bathroom and finally my parent’s room. My parents might be gone and so the room might be open for use of their TV. which is 36inch or a quieter area as long as you are careful not to break/ruin anything, also has another bathroom. Now let’s go upstairs. There are 5 rooms in our small 2nd story, my sister’s room which may or may not be off limits, the guest room which doesnt serve much of a purpose but its quiet anfd could be used to set up card/board games, the 3rd bathroom, and then my 2 rooms. I have my bedroom which is fine as long as no one breaks anything and my game room which is open to anyone and should a place of great interest. It’s outfitted with a 48inch flat screen, an Xbox 360, 4 controllers, rock band and guitar hero setup, a Kinect, and a lot of games! Finally I have 2 extra areas for people; one of these is the backyard. The backyard has a pool, a large patio with table, chairs, stereo, hammock, possibility to set up TV/systems, a grill, a fire pit, and it has a stereo systems with speakers set up. There is also a small patch of grass out there. The 2nd extra are can be a small area in the garage where a table can be set up along with some electronics. The house is outfitted with many possibilities to add extra TV’s/systems/ect.

Now I will need people to bring a lot of stuff like last time if you want it to be awsome again. Including chairs and tables, fun things to do, basically anything you would bring for comfort, fun, or otherwise. It would also be awsome if anyone could bring snacks, drinks, or basically anything to eat/drink or anything to help us eat/drink like plates, napkins, cups, utensils. More importantly food and drinks. If you want to bring something just post in comments or just bring it. either one works.

I might be able to prepare a few things but I need a lot more stuff! This place is only about 5 minutes or so away from Fortes house in case you are worried about distance and should be fairly easy to find. If you have any suggestions then please say so in the comments. If it starts to late or early just say so. Also if you have any questions, please ask!

Also the Raffle we had last time was epic and I want to have another one here. Basically bring items for 1 raffle ticket per item donated or 2 dollars a raffle ticket. We will raffle off during the night. All proceeds go to the Bronies of Phoenix. I will need somone to bring raffle tickets for this event to work.

Tell your friends, family, and strangers! LETS HAVE AN AWSOME PARTY! (I mean we did survive the Appocalypse afterall :P)

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