What we're about

The Bronx Green Party is affiliated with the fourth largest political party in the nation- the Green Party & New York Green Party. We are a grassroots movement that takes ABSOLUTELY no corporate funding. We are all Bronxites volunteers that want to improve the quality of life for ourselves, family and neighbors, and believe the two corporate parties, Democrats and Republicans, don't respond or care about Bronx needs. So, we decided to take back our democracy.

Please join our fight for single-payer healthcare, free education k-through University level, affordable housing as a right, reliable and accessible public transportation, encouragement and support for small business owners, police accountability, protecting the planet, having clean and safe streets, ending racial and gender orientation discrimination, bringing our troop home and spending the money at home not abroad, and having general progressive views to improve our neighborhoods.

Join us and help us grow and give the establishment competition. Change comes from ordinary citizens on the ground and streets- never from the people that already hold all the power. Let's build together a real working-class political party that represents ALL Bronxites- The Bronx Green Party!


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American Legion Club

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