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D&D Encounters: Against the Cult of Chaos

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Join us on Wednesday nights for D&D Encounter nights, where we'll be working our way through mini-campaigns one encounter at a time!

The time-investment is easy - just a couple hours each Wednesday night!

Brookhurst Hobbies will supply all the materials you need - just bring a handful of dice, and be ready to throw down!

Encounters Season 12 is Against the Cult of Chaos:

An ancient evil stirs in the Caves of Chaos, chipping away at its prison, while the forces of chaos converge on the nearby town of Hommel Lane. Monstrous raiders, marauding bandits, and missing villagers portend a terrible fate for Hommel Lane and the rest of the world, if unchallenged.

Character Creation

Players create 1st-level characters using the standard guidelines for character creation. There are no race or class restrictions. All official 4th edition materials, including options printed in Dragon magazine, are available.

Character Backgrounds: Players should choose whether their characters are aligned with the Lawbringer, representing justice, law, battle, commerce, strength, civilization, and order, or the Old Faith, representing nature, balance, magic, the primal energies, luck, fate, and the wildness of life.

Advancement: Rather than receiving experience points, characters gain a level after participating in three sessions.