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Madness at Gardmore Abbey

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Join the Brotherhood of the Blade!

Earn Fame! Respect! Fabulous Wealth!

See the world, meet interesting people, and slay horrible monsters!

( ... now from the comfort of your local gaming-convention!)

We're taking some time off from Skyfire to play through Wizards' latest super-adventure, Madness at Gardmore Abbey.

Details: The Madness at Gardmore Abbey is a non-linear adventure, so be prepared for more than just combat! (Don't worry, there's plenty of opportunity for action as well!)

Create a 5th-level character using character-creation guidelines from the Essentials series of 4E books. No Heroes of Shadow, Heroes of the Feywild, or Neverwinter options. Dragon Magazine articles are subject to DM approval - don't assume any option you pick for your character is fine simply because it's been published somewhere.

Starting wealth: 840 gp worth of equipment; no rare items, and no more than one uncommon item.

The story works best with a heroic party - no evil-aligned characters, please. Be sure to pay attention to your non-combat skills - success in this adventure requires more than raw damage output.