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The new President of the Historical Miniature Gaming Society, John Harrel and the new officers and members of the Board of Directors will be meeting at 11:00am in Anaheim on Hobby Day to plot out their course for the new year. Anyone interested can stop by and join them for lunch at 1:00pm. Hobby Day is a monthly hobby and gaming event hosted by St. Crispin's Irregulars the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Anaheim, CA. Since 2005, our club host a plethora of games and activities throughout the day. Some of the events/games scheduled for Dec 8th:Event Name: The Battle of Gorodetschna
Scale : 15mm Napoleonic
Table Size 8 x 5 (2 8'x30") for the first meeting of the South Western Napoleonic Gamers. We are doing the battle of Battle of Gorodetschna (Russian Campaign, July 1812) Austrians and Saxons vs Russians.
Event Name: Jay’s Bring and Buy
Jay will be coming up from San Diego Hobby Day. I’ll be bring up a bunch of 15mm WWII figures; some 1/72 WWII aircraft; some GW rats and dwarves; etc etc; plus some Osprey books. See you at about 9AM.
Event Name: Check Your 6!
The Check Your 6! crowd will be back with another round of WWII airwar action. Play testing continues on scenarios for the book on The Divine Wind air battles. 10 am
Event Name: X-Wing

Your Name: Darren. Event Start Time: 5:00PM. If other people have squads we can get bigger games in starting around 6:30PM. Number of Players: 2-8. Table Size: 3'x3' per game. We can set up whatever's clever once we have an idea of how many people are in. Possibly even play as teams if we are cramped for table space, but so far it looks like we could use two 4'x8' tables. Description of the event: We'll do a small Rebel vs Empire demo for anyone who's new and doesn't have ships. If you have enough ships, put together a 100pt Squad and we can have some epic battles! If my x-mas presents to myself arrive in time, I should have 2 100pt squads available. If we don't have enough players with their own ships, I'll run a multiplayer scenario.
Event Name: Flames of War - TANKSgiving
15mm World War II Miniatures Game

Your Name: Tim Knapp. Event Start Time and Date: 9:00 a.m. - December 8, 2012 (Runs ALL Day) Number of Players: 6 – 10 Table Size: NOTE ODD SETUP - NOT THE STANDARD Flames of War Hobby Day setup 6 foot by 12.5 feet (Five 6 foot tables) and one 8 foot table for a side board.
Please setup in the back corner by the photo wall of Knight's of Columbus Grand Knights with approximately 3 feet of standing room around each side. We will be hosting "TANKS"giving at Hobby Day on December 8th. If you wish to participate, bring a 2,000 point Late War army with you. All Combat platoons should be "Tank Teams" and only ONE platoon of infantry support is allowed in your 2,000 point army (NOTE, you don't need to bring infantry if you don't want to). The idea is to have a big battle that plays fast. Do not worry about air support each side will get one template of "Priority" air support for their side (so you don't need to bring air support into your list). However, you might want to bring anti-air support. In addition, so folks can field heavier artillery batteries that they may not own, we will use the "across the Volga" rules for big gun batteries. All you need to field is the forward observer(s) used by the battery (which could just be a marked colored small base).

I think that covers the basics, we will setup as early as possible (if the hall is open on Friday, I will setup the terrain on Friday night). So please plan to arrive early (no later than 9 a.m.) so we can begin as soon as possible.

So dig out all the wild stuff that you have always wanted to play with (Easy Eights, Big Artillery, etc).

There will be at least one table of boardgames and another of card games

New events start throughout the day and most are setup so the folks who are new to a particular system can join in and learn how to play. You are always welcome to bring your own game/hobby and share it with us and make some new friends. For a complete list of events that other members are running at this Hobby Day check out our Meetup, St. Crispin's Irregulars (

The Knights of Columbus serve lunch and dinner for $5.00 each so that you don't have to interrupt your gaming during the day by leaving to pick up food! Soda, Water and Candy are available. There is no charge for admission but food sales and donations pay for the hall maintenance and that money is necessary to keep the doors open. We hope to see you there!

Harmon Ward
St. Crispin's Irregulars Founder
HMGS/PSW Vice President

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