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Come join us for a short 2hour mask play workshop!

Everyone interested in a physical approach to performing arts is welcome. Learn the act of physical storytelling using traditional physical actor training.
During this class, the trainer will speak about the body and the mask in the actor’s training, as a way to develop the consciousness of the gesture, of the role of each one in the scenic and cinematographic composition, of the evocative force of the archetypes inscribed in the collective imagination and represented by expressive masks such as those of commedia dell'arte or other popular traditions.

The trainer will demonstrate how the practice of the mask can accentuate the rules of communication and acting, providing precision in the expression of intentions and feelings.
These different techniques lead the actors to increase the awareness between the partners and the attention paid to the reception of the public, as well as to develop their capacity to be staged, together, in a dramatic space.

The class is directed by Patrick Forian (Paris, France), graduated from the Théâtre Ecole du Mirier (1993), from the Lassaad International Theater School (1997), director of the Atelier Théâtre Patrick Forian (2008-2013), founder and director of In Commedia Veritas (2006-2013) and artistic director of Thema Théâtre Compagnie. He is also editor of the magazine Mime and member of the association the Creators of Masks.
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