What we're about

There are tremendous opportunities for Agile jobs in the market place right now! The purpose of this group is to provide Project Managers with agile coaching so that they can make good use of this time during the shut down here in NYC. Many of us are without jobs and will have to find new jobs after this is over. I would like to help a select few break through the Waterfall.

The ideal candidate for this group is someone who's ready to make a career shift. Members of this group will be able to take the Scaled Agile Scrum Master Certification or Product Owner certification course at a significant discount.

This group is designed for professionals that are Project Managers that have recognized that their SDLCs are the biggest blocker to teams being able to deliver their scope/commitments. It's for the outcast Project Managers who have been diminished time and time again by senior leadership who just want to keep things moving. You see the chaos, but feel trapped and don't have the authority to create change.

My name is Drew Podwal, and I'm an enterprise agile coach with a focus on leading Agile Transformations for companies that were not born in the digital age. I was a project/program manager for 15 years, and got to a point where I felt there was something wrong with me for not wanting to repeat the cycles of waterfall knowing that it was flawed. I took my scrum master certification and wound up accepting a role at MasterCard as a scrum master. It was the first time that I'd had a chance to see Agile being deployed as it was intended, true to the book and it turned on the lights for me. I've never looked back. #AgileRulesWaterFallDrools

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