What we're about

Let's come together and create art that expresses the socially oppressed in our country and our world. With so much drama in the air, art has always been a way of engaging with whats going on around us. Hopefully getting people to think on some level and pass on whatever they take from it. Recently our country has been facing so many identity crises. Especially when it comes to racism, our broken justice system, police and state-sanctioned violence against men and women of color and in general, discrimination against LGBTQ, endless wars, occupied people and income inequality. The list goes on and on. We're hoping to create a collective of artivists from different genres, could be:

Film-photography ( short films, documentaries, experimental)

Paintings Art installations

Live music



Graphic designers

Interactive media- 3D Virtual reality anyone?

Animators and whatever else you'd like to bring to this group that will help raise the consciousness through art.

So let's discuss some ideas for a monthly group exhibition and ways we can create viral 'artivism' videos to build awareness for oppressed people in our society. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Let's Introduce! 1st Meetup

Bedford Library

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