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JavaScript Just-in-time Compilers - V8/Nitro/Jaegermonkey/Tamarin

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This month, fellow JS geek Fire Crow ( will be going in depth in his comparison of runtime optimizations across JS engines -- something I personally know practically nothing about, so I'm looking forward to learning a ton. Here's what he has to say:

"Modern browsers have employed a wealth of classic cs techniques to optimize JavaScript runtime performance, bringing it as close as possible to the performance of compiled languages like C or Java. Most of these techniques are similar and involve Just-in-time compilation of dynamic code into machine code. This talk will include an overview of what main CS optimizations are based on, including hashtables, symbol resolution, and how the number of CPU instructions to execute a given piece of code is related to the interpreter/JIT compiler. We'll compare Google Chrome's V8, Safari's Nitro, Firefox's TraceMonkey and Jaegermonkey, and Adobe's Tamarin (an important part of ECMA script history and why ECMA script 4 was skipped).

Will knowing the subtlety of these runtimes change how you write JavaScript? Probably not, but it's really, really cool! and the CS behind it may change how you think about code in general.

An overview of my preferred optimization techniques will also be discussed."

We look forward to seeing you!