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We are an informal group of adult video gamers, who have been playing online video games together, consistently for over 15 years. While we are primarily East Coast, Brooklyn based gamers, our online community contains gamers who we regularly play with across many different States (Utah, Colorado, New Orleans, Massachusetts... etc), across many different platforms and games. We also keep in contact with one another across many different mediums, such as facebook, skype, internet forums, and regular text. As gamers we are all adults, with full-time jobs, some with families, and/or pursing further schooling. As a result, our atmosphere is drama-free, friendly, and mature. Who has time for drama when you have work in the morning? Ages 21+ is our preferred atmosphere. We enjoy online gaming not just as a hobby, but also a means to foster communities and build friendships. Many of us, are not just fellow gamers who share in a hobby, but are also real life friends. Many of those friendships were formed within different online gaming communities across the decade. We hope our meetup group will continue to build these types of positive relationships created by gaming. As a gaming group, we are an eclectic group with different tastes who all consider online gaming a hobby. Many of us are both casual and hardcore online gamers, with roots also stemming in tabletop and collectible card games (MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Versus, Pokemon, D&D... etc).

We are currently engaged in Destiny for the Playstation 4 and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn across multiple platforms and are actively recruiting. While online guilds and clans are a-plenty, our group likes to know who we're playing with. If you're interested in joining our local online gaming community and our other extended online gaming community, we tend to meet-up at different places in Brooklyn and NYC.

In addition, think of our meetup as a way to meet new people who might be playing other online games as well. We hope this is an opportunity to form brand new communities, organic, specifically to meetup. Take the opportunity to meet new people and see what types of games they play. It's a great opportunity to find similar ground in similar games, to build relationships in-game and as well as in real life.

Typically we meet at Xe May Sandwich Shop: 96 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009. We can be emailed at

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