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What we're about

Our D&D game is played one Sunday per month between Noon and 4 PM on Zoom during the pandemic. Previously, and hopefully in the near future, it will be played at our usual locations near Marine Park. Five of our players have been with us for a while (they include lawyers, business executives, & MBA students); one more will be from meetup. We use simplified D&D 5E rules that emphasize mysteries and problem solving over heavy detail. Beginners are welcome.

Upcoming events (1)

D&D 5E World of Greyhawk: Lurkers in the Library

Online event

This will be another Zoom session for Levels 1-2 PCs. Beginners are welcome!

There is room for only one additional player since the 5 regular players do not record their attendance on meet up.

Your Quest group is made up of PCs who are aligned good and whose deities support your Quest. Your task for this session is to discover and remove the source of mysterious murders and disappearances in an ancient library. The library is a repository of arcane magical and historical knowledge that can change the course of history.

It has been foretold that, at the library, you can learn the location of a forgotten ancient "super-weapon" that was hidden near the library town.

If you are interested, please respond as early as possible so we can integrate your PC into the Group before the day of the session.