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Stillwell Woods - Advanced Beginner / Lite Intermediate

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About the Trail:

The little-known Stillwell Woods County Park contains a prime, grade-A mountain bike path and provides many a weekend workout for Long Island’s hammerheads and recent converts. Ranked as one of the best singletracks in the East, this custom, well-maintained 5-mile work of art was built by the Concerned Long Island Mountain Bikers (CLIMB). The one-way singletrack loop traverses a hilly wooded landscape on the North Shore of Long Island, which owes its challenging riding to retreating glaciers 10,000 years ago. The park resides on top of an ancient glacial ridge built up from the deposits left behind when the glacier stalled and melted. The result is one gnarly, rocky landscape with many small depressions, gullies, and small hills. As you zip along this trail, climbing in and out of the many gullies, take a moment to look back and ponder the climb and how all this came to be. From the beginning the trail unravels through an abandoned, regrown farm field and soon takes you through a deep forest of many twists, turns, and miniature loops. The trail has been developed to take full advantage of the hilly terrain and varied woodland that characterizes the North Shore of Long Island. To ride it you need to nurse the front wheel around the tight corners. Shift back and float over roots and branches. Then spin hard down a gully with enough power to ramp up the opposite side. Here’s the typical pattern of the trail: Go up 30 feet, down 20, stay flat for 50, and get ready for the next roll. The trails consist mostly of hard-packed singletrack instead of the softer, sandier soils that make up many of the trails in the pine-barren sections of Long Island’s southern and eastern woodlands. Serious off-road riding opportunities exist and good bike-handling skills are required throughout the loop. Quick descents and climbs through the many gullies and sections of tight turning constitute hammerhead heaven and demand some adroit handling. The Stillwell Woods County Park trail system also completes the northern end of the Nassau–Suffolk hiking trail and mountain bike path. Sharing the same rich forest and animal habitat, the rider is immersed in the type of primitive wilderness that is a rare sight on the highly populated Long Island. Located near the towns of Woodbury and Syosset, Long Island. The trail was designed to take full advantage of the moderately hilly terrain. It traverses many gullies and ascends many small hills. There are very few elevations exceeding 200', but the amount of vertical feet gained during the ride accumulates rapidly.

Length: 5 total miles
Trail Type: Loop
Season: Year-round except during wet weather periods.
Top Elev: 200 feet

Click Here for Map of where we will meet and the trail-head. (,-73.477615&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=%2B40%C2%B0+49%27+54.22%22,+-73%C2%B0+28%27+39.41%22&gl=us&ei=jYXES5_xGMKC8gaunsC2Dw&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CAcQ8gEwAA) Directions can also be obtained by following the link and selecting "Directions". Directions can be obtained for mass transit as well by changing the option to "Public Transportation" form the drop down

This Ride will be a Advanced Beginner/Lite Intermediate Level Ride.

All members who will be attending this ride MUST wear a Helmet & Gloves are recommended.

If you are not on time we will be starting without you, and will meetup when we can!

We ask that when RSVP'ing to this ride that you please leave one or more of the following comments:

1 - I am driving from __?___and can take __?__ people with with Bikes along with me
2 - I could sure use a ride from?
3 - I am driving myself but can't take anyone
4 - I'll be renting a Bike

Directions by Car:

LIE to exit 44 North (Route 135/Seaford Oyster Bay Exp)
Proceed north on Route 135 for 1-mile
Exit at Route 25 East (Jericho Tpk)
Proceed east on Route 25 for 0.8-miles
Turn left on South Woods Road
Proceed north on South Woods Road for 1.4-miles
Turn right into parking lot and continue to the very back of long driveway along soccer field

From the north:

Route 25A (Northern Blvd) towards Cold Spring Harbor
Turn south on Cold Spring Road (3-miles east of 107, 2-miles west of Cold Spring Harbor)
Proceed south on Cold Spring Road for 1.1-miles
Turn left on South Woods Road
Turn left into parking lot & continue to the very back of long driveway along soccer fields

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