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This Brooklyn SEO and Search Engine Marketing group is all about laying out actionable, and executable strategies that will help any business website increase exposure and visibility online. This group was created for business owners that want to learn how to elevate their business by meeting other businesses owners and individuals interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media(SMM) and other marketing tactics related to SEM: Search Engine Marketing. This group for those who want to: -Learn New Skills
-Create New Relationships With Other Experts
-Transcend Thier Business
-Share Advice This Brookyln SEO Meetup was created to provide a platform to grow and enhance your business. Meetings will be held all throughout the year. This Meetup is a great opportunity for those looking to grow their business with internet marketing knowledge, as well as network, and meet other like-minded individuals. This Meet Up Is Sponsored by Arguably one of the TOP SEO firms in NYC.

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