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Deer Medicine- Of The Native American Church-With Leon Cuauhtonal

Price: $20.00 /per person
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Deer Medicine of the Native American Church with Leon Cuauhtonal
7:00pm to 9:00pm | $20

The deer is highly regarded by Native Americans as the most sacred of all animals. It’s power comes from its Heart and the qualities therein: gentleness, stillness, grace, love and compassion. It is though the Heart that we are able to enter the World of Ancestors and communicate with the Creator.

In the Native American Church (NAC), deer medicine is taken as a sacrament in order to open the Heart, so that we may receive guidance, inspiration and communion with the Great Spirit and Ancestors.

Though song & storytelling, Leon Cuauhtonal, will share his knowledge, experience and insight into Deer Medicine and the traditional tipi ceremony of the Native American Church. Topics to be addressed, include:

* History of Hikuri and how it came to form the basis for the Native American Church

* Elements that make up a traditional NAC tipi ceremony

* The use of sacred instruments and their purpose

* Ceremonial conduct with regards to social, physical and spiritual etiquette

* Understanding projection & movement of energy within ceremony

* How to work with Deer Medicine and apply its teachings to your daily life

* The role of Sacred Songs

* Offerings

…and the importance of Gratitude and Forgiveness.

Leon Cuauhtonal is a Mescalero Apache Roadman, of the NAC Teocali Quetzalcoatl, who unites the traditional ceremony of the Apache with the heart & spirit of the Huichol. He is also a sacred pipe carrier and Sun Dancer. Matakuye Oyasin, (We Are All Related) Meryl Vandana Brinin Organizer

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