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Sunday Football 7/7/2013 - is CANCELLED!!

This Meetup is past

14 people went


UPDATE: This week's game is cancelled! It's hot and humid plus we don't have enough confirmed players. I don't want us to barely have enough without subs. This heat will put people into the hospital so let's just be safe. Thanks! Last official week for football! What that means is this week will be the last time we blindly schedule a football game if regardless of weather.

We may have subsequent weeks of games but it really depends on the weather; the meetups will be scheduled on Thursday and the weather must be below 90's and it must not be humid. That is our criteria so players don't get hurt.

If we don't have football games for the week Vadim will be organizing basketball games.

Glad to see the people that RSVP did show up. Thanks to all for taking the attendance issue seriously. That has been a success as well as the official referee. That made the games run more smoothly.


From now on attendance will be strictly enforced. No-shows will be marked and posted on the subsequent meetup. First time offenders will be given the benefit of doubt, second time offenders will be warned (consider your name in this email and the number of times you no-showed as warning) and those who miss a third time will be banned, permanently! Those that show up without RSVP to circumvent this will be warned as well. We need to know how many people will show up in order to decide if we have enough people for a game that week.

So if you know and are committed to a Sunday morning of touch football then please RSVP.

Look for the large grass field consisting of 5 softball fields which is near the big red brick outhouse. We will be the only people playing football.

No-Shows from Last Week/Non-RSVP:

Colin - 1st time