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Sunday Football 9/1/2013

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15 people went

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Three very tight games last week. Glad to see the high turn out which allowed us to have 4 teams of 6 x 6 set up.

There were a lot of discussions about the rule change from two feet in bounds to one. I think it went very well. There were no arguments about any in bounds vs out of bounds calls. There were two calls that were non issues with our one foot in bounds rules that I saw. Had it been the old rule we would definitely have had at least two arguments. We'll continue to experiment with this for the next couple of weeks to see how it pans out before I make anything official. I don't think it made scoring any easier even though we had some strong QB play last week.

And as you have been advised last week, this coming week is the start of our new season. Membership dues are $10 for the whole year. It doesn't matter if you play one game or all games the amount is the same. Please remit payment timely and in exact change (no coins) cuz I don't want to waste my time being a debt collector. Let's see if we can get enough funds for better footballs/equipment in addition to the other fees required to set this meetup website.

Though attendance has been great we still have some tardy members. The dunce hat goes to:

No Shows: Mike W, Eliezer

People Who Don't RSVP but Show Up: Nav, Donny

If your name is noted this is your first warning. Please be considerate to everyone.


From now on attendance will be strictly enforced. No-shows will be marked and posted on the subsequent meetup. First time offenders will be given the benefit of doubt, second time offenders will be warned (consider your name in this email and the number of times you no-showed as warning) and those who miss a third time will be banned, permanently! Those that show up without RSVP to circumvent this will be warned as well. We need to know how many people will show up in order to decide if we have enough people for a game that week.

So if you know and are committed to a Sunday morning of touch football then please RSVP.

Look for the large grass field consisting of 5 softball fields which is near the big red brick outhouse. We will be the only people playing football.