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Hi All, This program is on hold indefinitely due to the COVID-19 Delta variant. We had anticipated re-launching in June/July however the colleague we had lined up to assist is dealing with long COVID as a result of a breakthrough case and we do not have adequate coverage since moving our regular team to daytime programs. With the Delta Variant, it is probably a good thing we hold off anyway. Unfortunately there is a trainer shortage currently so we do not have any other options right now. Don't worry! You can get your puppy socialization in our Puppy Day School with both Social Puppy and Ultimate Puppy.

Here's link: https://rockymountaindogtraining.com/pages/puppy-day-school


Welcome Puppy Parents!

We hope to help as many puppies as possible receive appropriate socialization as possible and have a blast while doing it. Proper socialization means that we closely monitor interactions between the puppies during play to keep play appropriate, and slowly introduce new pups in a way that they can feel safe. Our rooms are also set up with interactive equipment to help pups gain confidence on uneven surfaces, build strength, and have a great time!

Here's a peek into what we do: https://youtu.be/g5VVfpqJM_4

Dogs that are properly socialized as puppies interact and play well with other dogs, are much better off at vet and grooming appointments, and in general are much more comfortable with strangers. Well-socialized puppies are set up for a high quality of life, not a life of fear. They can play with buddies, feel comfortable when you have guests, or when you take them out and about with you on errands, to a BBQ or to your kid's soccer game!

Cost: There is a box set up in each of the training areas for you to chip in, and these help offset the cost of running the group. The group is approx. $150/hr to put on. Suggested amount to chip in is $15/pup. You can also chip in by following this link and scrolling to bottom of page: https://rockymountaindogtraining.com/products/puppy-socialization

Rules: When registering, please familiarize yourself with the Guidelines for attending which are listed in each event: Vaccination needs, attendance policy etc. We do not tolerate no shows.

Our Commitment:
The play area is always properly sanitized prior to all play groups with a diluted bleach and pet-safe cleaner to minimize the risk of disease as much as absolutely possible. Our trainers are highly knowledgeable and committed to a safe and fun experience.

Ongoing Support:
Should you be interested, we offer a wide variety of continued training classes at our facility. Ask your instructor for more information! https://rockymountaindogtraining.com

Info on "socializing" adolescent & older dogs and the route they need to take. We can help but it's done in private. https://www.tarynblyth.co.za/can-you-help-me-socialise-my-dog (https://www.tarynblyth.co.za/can-you-help-me-socialise-my-dog?fbclid=IwAR0NPzhiLV8906hJxcpiFmJV-yvY0cjYzijBH2a2sgxBHwXNMc89-VXu18s)

Other Socialization Opportunities at RMDT: Check out our Puppy Day School Program - There are two tracks - Social Puppy and Ultimate Puppy. Social Puppy is a great option for those who want thorough professional socialization or for those pups who are a bit more fearful and need some extra support. The Ultimate Puppy Program includes training and private transfer of knowledge sessions on top of socialization. https://rockymountaindogtraining.com/pages/puppy-day-school

Thank You!

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Saturday Morning Puppy Social Hour - 8wks - 15wks of age

Rocky Mountain Dog Training

Saturday Morning Puppy Social Hour - 8wks - 15wks of age

Rocky Mountain Dog Training

Wednesday Evening Puppy Social - 8wks - 15wks of age

Rocky Mountain Dog Training

Saturday Morning Puppy Social Hour - 8wks - 15wks of age

Rocky Mountain Dog Training

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