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Wednesday Evening Puppy Social - 8wks - 16wks (4 months) of age
This group is open for puppies 8 weeks of age to 16 weeks (4 months) of age and is provided by Rocky Mountain Dog Training as a safe and clean environment for early puppy socialization and development. This group is donation based, with typical donation $10 per dog per meetup. PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE IN ITS ENTIRETY PRIOR TO ATTENDING YOUR FIRST MEETUP Early puppy socialization is intended to expose puppies to a wide variety of other dogs and people (as well as sounds, surfaces, handling etc.), and to teach appropriate play behaviors among the dogs. Puppy socialization should be a positive experience for all of the dogs involved, and is a major determinant of a dog's lifelong behaviors. We strive to provide an appropriate setting for the dogs in our group because it truly sets the tone for their interactions throughout their lives. PLEASE BRING: •Vaccination records to first Meetup (Required. We cannot make exceptions) •High value treats - think boiled chicken, meat-based treats (Real-Meat Treats, Lakse Kronch Salmon Treats, cheese etc. Kibble won't hold your dog's focus in this environment. •Leash and flat collar or harness. No retractable leashes, prong collars, e-collars or choke chains. •Poop Bags RULES AND GUIDELINES: • Children in attendance under 10 must be accompanied by their own adult. I.e. One parent for the dog, another for the child. •Puppies must wait at least 10 days after going to their forever home to participate in meetups and be free from illness. •We require you to RSVP prior to attending each meetup. Walk-Ins not permitted. •Puppies should be well-exercised prior to the meetup. Typically a 20 minute walk prior to attending works wonders. •NEVER bring a puppy that is showing any signs of illness to the group. This includes things as minor as a snuffly nose, diarrhea or vomit. If you have any doubt, wait until the next meetup. There will be more! •All dogs must remain on leash until in the training room. •Please, always pick up after your pet. Dumpster for your dog's waste is located behind the building. • We provide this environment for you to socialize your dog because its important to socialize in a safe, clean and structured environment. Spread of disease in undervaccinated puppies is a real and serious risk. Please, for the safety of your puppy and for other participating puppies, follow the above guidelines and also avoid high-traffic animal areas like hiking trails, dog parks, pet shops etc. For more information, please visit the website of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and see their guidelines for puppy socialization here ( • If you have multiple puppies in your household, please bring only one at a time for the best outcome with socialization. You will also want to familiarize yourself with littermate syndrome so that you are able to do your very best to prevent it in your own puppies as it occurs quite frequently in puppies from the same litter living together as well as puppies from separate litters but close in age. •Last, if your puppy is struggling with fear or reactivity around other dogs or people, please bring it to the instructor's attention upon arrival so that we can make modifications to the environment and set up a "safe zone" for your puppy. ATTENDANCE POLICY This is a popular Meetup, and our attendance fills up quickly. We regularly have members on a waiting list for these Meetups. As a courtesy to others, if you are unable to attend you MUST change your RSVP 3 hours prior to the Meetup. This allows the wait listed members the opportunity to attend in your place. If you "no show" two or more times to our meetups, you will be deleted from the group. For more information on our other services, please visit our ( See you there! This Meetup and its contents are copyright of Rocky Mountain Dog Training

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What we're about

Welcome Puppy Parents!

We hope to help as many puppies as possible receive appropriate socialization as possible and have a blast while doing it. Proper socialization means that we closely monitor interactions between the puppies during play to keep play appropriate, and slowly introduce new pups in a way that they can feel safe. Our rooms are also set up with interactive equipment to help pups gain confidence on uneven surfaces, build strength, and have a great time!

Here's a peek into what we do:

Dogs that are properly socialized as puppies interact and play well with other dogs, are much better off at vet and grooming appointments, and in general are much more comfortable with strangers. Well-socialized puppies are set up for a high quality of life, not a life of fear. They can play with buddies, feel comfortable when you have guests, or when you take them out and about with you on errands, to a BBQ or to your kid's soccer game!

There is a donation box set up in each of the training areas, and these donations help offset the cost of running the group. The group is approx. $130/hr to put on. Suggested donation is $15/pup.

When registering, please familiarize yourself with the Guidelines for attending, Vaccination needs, attendance policy etc.

Our Commitment:
The play area is always properly sanitized prior to all play groups with a diluted bleach and pet-safe cleaner to minimize the risk of disease as much as absolutely possible. Our trainers are highly knowledgeable and committed to a safe and fun experience.

Ongoing Support:
Should you be interested, we offer a wide variety of continued training classes at our facility. Ask your instructor for more information!

Thank you!

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