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This group is open for puppies 8 weeks of age to 14 weeks of age and is provided by Rocky Mountain Dog Training as a safe and clean environment for early puppy socialization and development.

Early puppy socialization is intended to expose puppies to a wide variety of other dogs and people (as well as sounds, surfaces etc.), and to teach appropriate play behaviors among the dogs. Puppy socialization should be a positive experience for all of the dogs involved, and is a major determinant of a dog's lifelong behaviors. We strive to provide an appropriate setting for the dogs in our group because it truly sets the tone for their interactions throughout their lives.

Rules and Guidelines:

•Puppies must wait at least 10 days after going to their forever home to participate in meetups.

•We require you to RSVP prior to attending each meetup.

•Puppies should be well-exercised prior to the meetup. Typically a 20 minute walk prior to attending works wonders.

•We require you to bring a copy of your most up to date vaccination records to your first meetup. Age appropriate boosters should be completed to correlate with your puppy's age. In particular, we are reviewing for Distemper and Parvo inoculation, often noted on their vax records as DHPP or DHLPP. No exceptions are made to this rule under any circumstance.

•Please bring your dog in a nylon collar or harness and a 6 foot leash. Retractable leashes are prohibited.

•Please bring a variety of treats for your pup, and limit their meal size prior to puppy socialization. If your dog has special dietary considerations, please advise a trainer immediately upon entering the group. We will do our best to attend to these needs, however it is important to note we cannot guarantee 100% compliance in this setting.

•NEVER bring a puppy that is showing any signs of illness to the group. This includes things as minor as a sniffly nose, diarrhea or vomit. If you have any doubt, wait until the next meetup. There will be more!

•All dogs must remain on leash until in the training room.

•Please, always pick up after your pet. Receptacle will be provided for your pet's waste.

•We operate under the three strike rule for puppies in attendance. Because it is critical for this to be a positive experience for all involved, we are limited in what we are capable of handling in this group. Dogs that are overly rough or bully other pups during play will be given three chances per meetup at which time they will be asked to leave for the day. If your dog is asked to leave, understand that this is not a flaw in their character, it just may be that it is an off day for them, or that our group is not conducive to appropriate socialization for them in particular. Often times, these dogs play beautifully in other settings just fine.

•Last, if your puppy is struggling with fear or reactivity around other dogs or people, please bring it to the instructor's attention upon arrival so that we can make modifications to the environment and set up a "safe zone" for your puppy.

This is a popular Meetup, and our attendance fills up quickly. We regularly have members on a waiting list for these Meetups. As a courtesy to others, if you are unable to attend you MUST change your RSVP settings. This allows the wait listed members the opportunity to attend in your place. Effective August 1, 2013: If you "no show" two or more times to our meetups, you will be deleted from the group. Please note, you must change your own RSVP one hour prior to the meetup. (I cannot change these for you on the fly) in Meetup in order for others to attend in your place.

We provide this environment for you to socialize your dog because its important to socialize in a safe, clean and structured environment. Spread of disease in undervaccinated puppies is a real and serious risk. Please, for the safety of your puppy and for other participating puppies, follow the above guidelines and also avoid high-traffic animal areas like hiking trails, dog parks, pet shops etc. For more information, please visit the website of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and see their guidelines for puppy socialization here (

For more information on our other services, please visit our (

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