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This Meetup is for guitarist interested in getting together for informal jam sessions. Have you hit a plateau with your guitar skills? To improve you need to play with other people! We will (usually) meet the first Tuesday of each month and the focus is on playing in time and in tune with others.

All guitarists (acoustic, electric and bass) are welcome. Participants should be able to play basic open chords and barre chords, and be able to read chord diagrams and guitar tablature. We will play mostly rock, blues, metal and pop, but we are open to playing all musical genres. Each session we will play previously selected song(s) as a starting point and then we will move on to learning whatever riff, song, or solo you want to bring to the group. Have a song that you really want to nail? Recommend it and we will all practice it for the next monthly session! Members should come prepared to lead us in the songs that you have recommended.


Instead of me continuing to pay the annual fee for I am moving this group over to Facebook as our page there will be free. Please search for Broward Guitar Sessions on Facebook and request group membership there. That way we can continue to stay in touch and get together to jam at some point in the future. I will let our page expire in October.

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