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This is a group for people interested to know where do we come from, why are we here and where are we going. Looking for individuals who are looking for Spiritual growth self healing and knowledge about live after the physical plane.

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Oficina de Eneagrama do Relacionamento

Broward Spiritist Society

Veja nosso video convite: https://youtu.be/LfPdohYwJbY Domingo 17 de Fevereiro-2019 de 10 da manhã às 5 da tarde Inscrições abertas – Vagas Limitadas Doação $30 com almoço e coffee-break Quem pode se beneficiar com a Oficina de Eneagrama? Pessoas que querem: *Entender e trabalhar melhor com a dinâmica única de seus relacionamentos *Entender porque as pessoas em sua vida reagem a situações de maneira diferente da sua *Estar mais presente e mais disponível para sua família *Fazer escolhas mais conscientes, mais compassivas e mais enriquecedoras *Ter uma visão profunda de como cada um de nós se adapta de maneira diferente aos altos e baixos das vivências *Encontrar maneiras melhores de gerenciar conflitos *Compreender melhor seus próprios padrões, tendências e predisposições inconscientes *Melhorar sua intimidade, química e conexão no seu relacionamento “Com exercícios interativos, meditações guiadas, música e outras técnicas para ajudar você melhorar seus relacionamentos com as pessoas em suas vidas: relacionamentos íntimos, familiares e colegas de trabalho.” É importante que você conheça o seu EneaTipo para se inscrever. Faça a doação de $30 para garantir sua vaga na Oficina de Eneagrama do relacionamento! Increvase aqui: https://browardspiritistsociety.com/event/oficina-de-eneagrama-do-relacionamento/

Mindfulness Meditation at Broward Spiritist Society

Broward Spiritist Society

LEARN MEDITATION what a video of this event https://youtu.be/NagcfAVqWCE *Improve your sleep *Reduce your worrying *Perform better academically *Increase relaxation *Create a sense of Happiness *Improve your ability to focus *Manage stress better *Enhance health and wellbeing (scientifically proven technique) JOIN OUR MEDITATION GROUP Date: Every Tuesday, 7:00-7:45pm, starting on April 11, 2017 Details: Guided meditation followed by soul conversation Info.: Please call or text Cinthia at (415)[masked] for more info and to RSVP (Chairs available onsite)

Spiritist Network: Book Study Group

Broward Spiritist Society

8:00-9:00pm Reading/Discussing "What Is Spiritism?" Broward Spiritist Society 2183 North Powerline Rd Pompano Beach, FL 33069 At this weekly study group, guided by the works of Allan Kardec and the Spirits Teachings, we will bring our insights to the table to discuss: 1) Immortality of the soul 2) Plurality of inhabited worlds 3) Nature of spirits 4) Communication with spirits, 5) Present and future life 6) Future of humanity. What is the purpose of studying Spiritism? The purpose is to prove, objectively, the existence of the spirit world. The spiritual world it's comprised of the souls of humans who have lived. Recognition of that fact results in proof of the soul's existence and its ability to survive the body. The certainty of the afterlife and its consequences changes humanities priorities and sheds the new light on things, revealing and immense, splendid horizon. Compared to the infinity and grandeur of life beyond the grave, earthly life is a mere second in the calculation of the centuries, a grain of the sand next to a mountain. Spiritism neither discovered nor invented spirits, nor did it discover the invisible world in which people have always believed. It prove the existence of the spirit world with physical evidence, and presents that world in its true light, disentangling it from dogmatic and superstitious ideas that breed skepticism and unbelief." (Qu'Est-Ce Que Le Spiritism? - What is Spiritism by Allan Kardec) If you have questions please call/text[masked] with Cintia

"Imagine" by Emily Froes

Broward Spiritist Society

Hello Everyone, Please join us every Wednesday night at 8:15pm. We will have Magnetic Healing Passes to help you with any health and emotional issues you might have. We also will have a Workshop talking more about the spiritist doctrine and how it can help you with spiritual knowledge and growth. Spiritism and Magnetism are considered sister sciences. Allan Kardec, the encoder of spiritism, suggested the union of the two. Magnestism by Mesmer created a science that seeks to cure diseases by laying on of hands. The Broward Spiritist Society uses magnetism to practice what was recommended by Kardec. We practice these treatments by using the aims established by traditional and famous magnetizers. Some famous names are Du Potet and Deleuze from France. They demonstrated the effectiveness for magnetic healing of incurable diseases. If you have any questions, please contact Yonara Rocha or Luide Rocha at [masked] We look forward to seeing you there!

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