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Welcome to our Wiccan 101 in Broward.

Have you been searching for fellow wiccans or witches in the area? Wanted to connect with like minded people? Learn about the phases of the moon or the wheel of the year? Want to learn of local groups in the area? Or discover various traditions that are local such as a Gardnerian group. We love to discover and learn together through conversations and exchanges of ideas.

Then join us the 3rd Sunday of every month for our Wicca 101 gathering. Where you can learn for free and enjoy the warmth and laughter of sharing time together.

We ask that you RSVP in advance to allow us to prepare for the group and gather materials if needed. Feel free to bring a pen and journal to write down questions or thoughts.

We will meet at TY park in Hollywood beneath the tree's in the center of the park near the memorial outdoor fitness area. Just look for a teal colored pumpkin on the picnic table.Once you enter the park veer to the left and head to the parking. You will see the memorial work out pavilion walk past it then look to the left we will be under the beautiful cluster of trees. Just look for a little blue/teal pumpkin on the table.

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