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Anticipating the fallacies of distributed computing with the Netflix OSS

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Anticipating the fallacies of distributed computing with the Netflix OSS


Hi everyone!

Spring is there, sun is rising, what a perfect time to lock yourself in a windowless room to learn some new technology :-)
As microservices are still a strong trend, this session will hopefully give you some useful advices to avoid drowning under the increased complexity that comes with such architecture.


As always, print it, hang it in your office, spread the words, share the love.


In their eagerness to adopt the microservice architecture a lot of companies forgot that moving to this model of distributed computing comes with dangerous pitfalls. Networks become congested. Services are added, moved and scaled as traffic increases or failure occurs. Finally, we need to connect our front-ends to this ever moving group of services.
The Netflix Open Source Software Center is a collection of Open-Source tools and libraries developed by Netflix to help them build the system they need to bring video stream to millions of users worldwide.
In this presentation we will have a look at some of these libraries and discover how they solve problems that will occur when splitting your system into hundreds of microservices. Even if you do not adopt microservices, the OSS-tools discussed in this session can help you to make your software more resilient than it is today

The Speaker - Tom Cools:

Geek in all facets of the word, including but not limited to boardgames, comic books and programming. Developer without borders, both geographically and technically.
Active as a consultant, usually for some of the biggest financial institutions in both Belgium and The Netherlands.
Next to that I am trainer/teacher who loves to share not only knowledge but also passion for our craft.


It's our pleasure to have Arexo as a sponsor for this session.

Arexo is a human-sized IT consulting company, currently looking for new hires.
Arexo is more than happy to be sponsoring BruJUG.
Hopefully this will help BruJUG to provide even more greatness to the community.
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