Consumer Driven Contracts: The Evolution of Your API Using Tests

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Hi everyone!

This time, we have the opportunity to have a look at one of the many aspects that you have to tackle when using SOA/Microservices architecture: API evolution!


Did you ever struggle integrating with an API from another team that kept on changing? Or provided an API that you were unsure how to evolve because you did not know how people use it? During this talk you will experience how to organize, define and evolve APIs keeping the consumer in mind and learn how Pact can help you with this.

After explaining the basics, we will define the API for a small project together implementing both consumer and producer. No prior knowledge is needed, but some technical affinity, understanding of what an API is, and notions of coding might be helpful to understand what is going on.


Matteo Pierro

Hi, my name is Matteo and I’m a Software Craftsman and a Technical Coach. eXtreme Programming practitioner and TDD lover, I’m very passionate about creating well crafted software that delivers high value to the customer. I’m addicted to conferences and meetups. I love to share knowledge with people in order to improve myself and hopefully inspire other people.

Nelis Boucke

Nelis is a software crafter who loves to develop great products with great teams, focussing on improving the quality of the product and way of working of the team.

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