Functional programming with Java and VAVR

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Java 8 was released in 2014 adding new functional features like Lambdas, Streams, Collectors, Optional and CompletableFuture. Now in 2019, many people continue coding in a classic Java 7 way and this talk will review that functional features and how to add them in the daily job.
One aspect of the language that generate controversy is the Exception Handling and how checked exception should be handled in a better way to avoid sophisticated versions of the infamous GOTO pattern.
In Java space exist a functional Java library named VAVR offering some missing functional features and in the talk we will review.

Main topics covered in the talk:
* Type Driven Development
* Functional exception handling

The Speaker:

Juan Antonio Brena Moral is a senior software engineer focused on Digital Transformation, Internet, Innovation & Future education projects with experience in Europe & Middle East.
In the past, he has created some Startups.
Currently, he works as a Chapter Lead for ING Belgium

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