Lucky Java 13



Java 8 was released in 2014. It has now reached mainstream adoption.
Since then, a lot happened with the newer releases of Java.
The new 6 month's release cadence allows the JDK developers to unleash new features faster that before.
Between deadlines, new framework announcements and other events, it is sometimes hard to keep track of what has been happening.

During this session, we'll go through an overview of most of the new features that have made it to the public so far.
A great way to catch up whether you are eager to upgrade or want to consider your options.

The speaker:

With more than 15 years of experience in the Java ecosystem, Olivier Hubaut has grown a strong enthusiasm about the future of this platform. He now works as freelance with various teams to build reliable softwares with a strong emphasis on DDD, TDD and KISS.

During his free time, he helps kids discover the joy of code, as a coach for CoderDojo events.
He is also the leader of the Brussels JUG, which might explain how he got accepted for this talk ;-)

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