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BruJUG - The Brussels Java User Group
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WARNING: The date is not fixed yet! This event is postponed due to COVID-19 Lockdown, but no real date has been scheduled yet. We'll keep you informed when the situation is back to normal. Stay safe!

Hi everyone !

Beginning of year is the time of good resolutions. For some, it takes the form of a new gym subscription, for others, it is to gave their first presentation in front of an audience. What a great challenge!

This year again, we give you the opportunity to try yourself at public speaking.
It's a great experience for anyone that would like to exercise her/his presentation skills, and share a bit of passion with a friendly audience.
No matter how frightened you are, or that you think you're not an expert in the field, you have to start with something in order to get better at it!

Just register your 15 min talk here: and we will give you a warm welcome.

We need at least tree brave of yours for this session to happen, so don't hesitate. If it ever happen that we had too many candidate, we'll make room for them in a next session. Promised!

All the speakers will get a rewards for their presentation.

Talks of the day:

1️⃣ "Coding and Refactoring Tips using Intellij Shortcuts" by Mark Harun

Improve your refactoring skills by maximizing the useful refactoring shortcuts in Intellij.

Mark is a Java developer with strong interest in design and clean code

2️⃣ "Taiko: Make Automated Testing Fun Again!" by Karel Van Roey

"It works on my machine!"
An excuse that should never be used by any software craftsperson. Yet software written today is often ill tested and contains preventable bugs. Particularly end-to-end testing has a bad name: boring, hard to maintain, expensive, ...
Let's put these excuses aside and discover Taiko, a browser automation tool that has the potential to make testing fun again.

I am Karel, a Java software trainer at Switchfully, where I rediscovered the passion I lost after 10 years in IT. I have a history as programmer, scrum master and occasional rebel.

3️⃣ "Introduction to Rust" by Bernard Niset

"The Rust programming language helps you write faster, more reliable software."
I would like to give a very short introduction to the language but also show those features that I find particular amazing. Maybe, some comparisons to other languages like Java, Go.

I'm Bernard, I have passed the Senior level of development long time ago. I've been in the trade for almost 30 years now with exposition to C/C++, Python, Java, Javascript, Typescript, a little bit of Go and lately Rust. Having switched to managed languages like Java, Javascript since 2003, after 13 years of native development with C/C++, I really missed this ability to directly compile to native code and the brute efficiency it brings. I was experimenting with this using Go when it became so popular. Eventually, I started looking at Rust and the revelation came...