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This group is for people who wish to learn how to take in the Divine energy into their bodies to promote health and healing for themselves and others. The group meet every three weeks to absorb this healing energy which cleanses orders and heals the body and to report on the Healing's that have taken place. Healed people report how they became healthy. Speakers convey Bruno Gröning's knowledge in such a way that everyone can experience his statement, “There is no incurable!” There are adult, youth and children's groups all over the world. The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends is a worldwide organisation - spiritually based. Admission is free - Donations are appreciated.

For further information visit http://www.bruno-groening.org/english/

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FILM - The Phenomenon Bruno Groening – Norwich

The Steiner School,

Help & Healing on the Spiritual Path through the Teachings of Bruno Groening In 1949 one name dominated the headlines: Bruno Groening. This documentary film traces the dramatic events of that time with original film and sound recordings alongside more than 50 eyewitness interviews. Bruno Groening died in 1959 but extraordinary healings are still occurring today. The power, which worked through him and which he helped ordinary people to connect with, continues to work today and the worldwide organisation that is the Circle of Friends documents these healings and supports people in following his teachings. A film with a special power Many viewers report that while watching the film, they suddenly noticed an energy, a tingling sensation, a current in their body. For most, this was a totally new experience. Some even reported the disappearance of pain, disability and other ailments. Part 1 10:30 - 12:10 Part 2 13:20 - 15:00 Part 3 15:30 - 17:20 Please contact Andrew on[masked] for more details or message Marian via Meetup.com. The meeting is free of charge - voluntary donations are appreciated. You can also find out more about the worldwide organisation of Friends of Bruno Groening by going to the web site: www.bruno-groening.org

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Introduction to the Teaching of Bruno Groening – Norwich

The Steiner School,

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