What we're about

Are you tired of the fad diets and the quick weight loss that only turns into gaining even more weight back a few months later?
Would you be interested in an accountability group that is focused on manageable diets and healthy lifestyles that do not deprive you of living and break the bank with expensive weight loss clubs? If so, this is the group for you!!
We are a group that meets at a private gym and Juice bar that sells only HEALTHY FAST FOOD!
The group is not only populated with people trying to get in shape, but also those that have done it and stayed in shape long term!
We will be discussing healthy meals and a lifestyle that promotes eating and not starving yourself. We will also be working on an exercise programs that can fit into any schedule and lifestyle!
All of this will be done with an accountability group to keep everyone on track! Because we all know that Accountability breeds response-ability!
So if you are not happy with your current level of fitness, or need accountability in your life to meet your goals, this is the group for you!!

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