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BE before Christmas - Cooperation, Fairness, Altruism
Cooperation, Fairness, Altruism Christmas time is difficult. It is not only a very busy time (Business: "year end rallys"; christmas parties and meetings; private life: chasing for presents; and then there are Meetups...). Also it is a / the time for self-reflection, self-consciousness and an increased level of expectations for ourselves (and perhaps also for others). We want to do good, we want to be good - we just want to be the best of ourselves (typically). Test question: What are (self-)expectations prior to the summer break - are they different or are they the same? Perhaps all this is why Christmas time is a good moment to have a deep dive into one of the major findings from (earlier) Behavioural Economics, namely the "anomaly" (ie phenomena standard economics cannot explain) that people are fairer and exhibit a higher willingness to cooperate than the standard ecnomic model of the rational and selfish actor would make us believe. As always we will discuss some of the concepts and the pivotal research and then apply the thinking to our own professional and private life. We will also recap the good old prisoner´s dilemma - always a nice anecdote and/or ice-breaker in meetings and workshops. So, join us for a great meetup. We will also be discussing the agenda for next year so don`t miss out on your chance to bring in your ideas and suggestions. Looking forward to meeting up with you, Christian References / Links Prisoner´s dilemma: Richard Thaler: Misbehaving, chapter IV "Working with Danny" and Miscellaneous. Richard Thaler, The Ultimatum Game: Journal of Economic Perspectives, 1988, vol. 2, issue 4,[masked] (reprint in "The Winner´s Curse") Daniel Kahneman; Jack L. Knetsch; Richard H. Thaler: Fairness and the Assumptions of Economics. The Journal of Business, Vol. 59, No. 4, Part 2: Robyn M Dawes and Richard Thaler: Anomalies: Cooperation. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 1988, vol. 2, issue 3,[masked] (reprint in "The Winner´s Curse") Rapoport, Anatol and Albert M. Chammah (1965). Prisoner's Dilemma. University of Michigan Press. Axelrod, Robert (1984), The Evolution of Cooperation, Basic Books, Fehr, Gächter, 2002: Altruistic punishment in humans. Nature volume 415, pages 137–140 (10 January 2002)

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    This is a group for anyone interested in discussing and reading about behavioral economics and psychology. The group is focussed on human decision-making, its biases and shortcomings. We discuss how decision-making is shaped by specific mental predispositions (´biases´) and how it is influenced by different social and cultural factors - be it in our private or professional lifes. We meet once a month and discuss around a certain topic / concept and its practical applicability in the real world. Members are from the most diverse backgrounds - which drives great discussions and a lot of fun as well!

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